Winter Season – The West Wing

Last week marked me starting season 7 of The West Wing! If you hang around her long enough you’ll know its my tradition in January each year to make my way through all 7 seasons of The West Wing. I never watched The West Wing when it was on TV, not sure why it just seemed to have passed me by. Then 3 years ago I bought the first season with Christmas gift vouchers and well I haven’t looked back since.

Without a shadow of doubt the best TV series ever and I do mean ever. It was created by the brilliant Aaron Sorkin. The writing is pin sharp, the characters perfectly flawed and super smart and of course for me the best female TV role model ever Allison Janney who plays CJ Cregg. She is smart, funny, quick-witted and holds her own all the while being feminine and rocking her roles. My absolute claim to fame was that she recently ‘liked’ a tweet of mine – hello goals. 

I think at the moment what’s happening political at home and in the USA watching The West Wing is the only thing getting me through – retreating into a world of people with good and true values in politics – if only that was what it was like in reality. Anyway’s I can tell spring is almost upon us as I crawl out of my winter cocoon when the seventh season finishings feeling a bit bereft but ready to face the world again until next January. 

If you haven’t watched it please do yourself a favour and check it out I think season 4 is just stellar. However, I should warn you be prepared to get hooked and give up your social life for a couple of months. It’ is though 1000% worth it.


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