Whats been going on for me

Well its been awhile I know. Summer has been and gone and it’s only now that I have thought that I need to update. I have had a wonderful summer, it’s been quick but its been about spending time with people I love, it’s been about taking time for myself, I have been doing a lot of painting and discovering of places local and further afield. 

So what does it mean for my blog? Well, I don’t want to say I am stopping blogging but the hunger at the moment to post is not there and I don’t want to force it. I will post when there is something I would love to share with you. I realise that might not be what you want and I am sorry but since my best friends death at the end of April I have just not been in the blogging space. I did think for a long time that this post would be my last but that didn’t feel right either. 

So dear friends, I would ask for your patience over this next wee while. Adding to the mix of working full time I am also starting back at university part time so my free time won’t be mine for a while. But I promise I won’t forget about you, if you don’t forget about me.

In the meantime, enjoy fall and all the wonders it brings, be in the moment as it is the only one we have!



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