Wednesday Word – Adventure

I do love writing a Wednesday Word and this Wednesday I wanted to talk with you about Adventure. I can’t even explain to you how badly I am feeling Wanderlust. I think ever since last month would have been a year ago that I went to the Arctic Circle – have I mentioned that was the best ever holiday I have been on – Oh OK once or twice, well it really was.

I have plenty adventures planned this year but for a number of reasons the dates are not yet locked down and as a result I am super restless. On my instagram @poppytailsandtrails if you don’t already follow me I have such a huge amount of people/places I follow that is all to do with the outdoors, adventures, cabin life that I dream of one day having/being and doing. So the long and the short of it is I am saying YES! I am going to take myself out of my comfort zone and have epic adventures this year! 


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