Trying new brands {Lancōme}

It’s so fun when you have gift vouchers and they allow you to make indulgent purchases. You know the type of purchase you might not normally make? Well, I had that recently as I slowly make my way to spending the very generous Christmas gift vouchers. So I headed to Debenhams to take my time and see what tickled my fancy. With only one item on my list the rest was opened up to the beauty gods.

First up I knew I wanted to try Lancōme foundation, something I haven’t tried in forever. I had heard good reports about Teint Idole Ultra Wear foundation and after a long chat with the assistant she tried it out on my there and then. Not something I would normally do but I figured why not. We did have to try a couple of colours as I always will gravitate towards yellow bases rather than pink so we eventually went for 03 in colour.  It is a long wearing foundation but went on I think quiet light and you could definitely build up on the colour that’s for sure. It comes with a handy pump and has SPF 15 aswell. I have been quite enjoying wearing foundation.

Next up was one of my absolute favourites Lancōme’s Juicy Tubes. I loved the different flavours of these and had many back in the day so when I saw they were selling a fairly neutral colour with the smell of ‘marshmallow’ I knew I had to add it to my basket.

The assistant was kind to give me a sample of their overnight face mask which is the perfect travel size. 

Now the one product I knew I did want to purchase was from the Dior counter. It was there Nail Glow which is a translucent pink that makes your nails look healthy and if you use a nail whitener pencil its the easiest french manicure you’ll ever find.

A fairly random purchase this day was a travel size Vita Coco Coconut Oil. I mean how super useful is this size of pot. 

I am slowly working through my beauty wishlist and at the top of it is Bite Beauty. I am so wanting to try their products but find it very frustrating that it’s so difficult to get your hands on anything they are offering. One day maybe they will make it easier or I will go somewhere that sells their stuff.


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