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Over the years I have got it down more and more as to what to pack on travels. For hand luggage this is pretty much always what I carry in some form or other. The things I don’t have pictured is the tickets/passport which is a given. Pretty much anything else you can always pick up en route but these items are my go to.


For face carry on the only constants I always have on me is a Bath and Body Works lip gloss as I find these so moisturising and gives a sparkle that liven’s up a face if your lipstick has worn away. Plus its super low maintenance and can be applied with your eyes closed. Then there is the  powder compact, to be fair I am just working my way through ones and this is the one I am using at the moment Soap and Glory Kiss Ass, its good but not overly long-lasting like the Urban Decay or MUF ones but I have hit pan on those and wanted to finish up using the other ones first before repurchasing. 

Then there is the small hair brush with is a must. It’s a Wet Brush so can if I forget my big brush I can use this if needs be on wet hair too – bonus. And the powder brush I can’t even remember where I got this but this is how I apply powder and have done for years. There was a time I used the powder puffs but found it provide too cakey by the end of the day. And always a perfume this one is a lovely one I picked up from Zara (which by the way have lovely scents) they are prefect for traveling.


Possibly the most important carry on’s for me other than tickets and money is the entertainment. I always carry with me my iPad Mini which was purchased a couple of years ago and is just the best size ever. On their I use the digital magazine app Zino and catch up on all my reading of great magazines such as ‘O’ Oprah Magazine. Then their is the tunes. I seem to be really old school in that folks use there phones for everything, I got into the way of not doing this when I had the iPhone 4 and its battery life was horrific and so I used to worry that god forbid I needed to make a call I would have no juice. Thankfully that is no longer an issue with later iPhone models but I just have always used my iPod Nano for listening to tunes and podcasts and I guess will continue doing so until it stops working on me. 

I have possibly the worlds smallest ear canals so after a LOT of trial and error I finally found KOSS Clip Over Ear Headphones which I have had for god at least 5 years and were starting to see better days so did a lot of research found these Sony Clip Over Ear Headphones with retractable cord that are brilliant. 

So that’s my essentials for traveling, would love to hear from you on your essentials.

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