T3 Hair Tongs {Review}

Have you ever heard the saying ‘buy cheap, buy dear’ well this saying comes to mind when I look at my T3 Twril Convertible Tongs. Why you might ask? Well, I have lusted after these for probably 2 years and just never thought to buy them. Why? Well, in my mind I thought they were so expensive so why would I? Well, I did and do I regret it? NOPE, not a bit. Best money spent on tongs ever. 

T3 Tongs look expensive and they feel expensive with their ceramic barrel but here is the thing – they work so well. Unlike cheaper brands you don’t feel like your hair is being fried by the heat. I can’t explain its just such a joy to use these tongs. In my mind I would love to try there straighteners I think if the quality is anything like these I will be in love with them.


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