T2 Tea Time

You might remember back in December if you follow me on Snapchat (poppytailsandtrails)in this post how I came to discover T2.

Whilst discovering T2 at their Shoreditch shop I fell so in love. If you follow me on twitter (@poppytailsandtr) you’ll know my on going one woman campaign to get David’s Tea to come to Scotland 🙂 Whilst they are super kind and humour me I get the impression it ain’t going to happen anytime soon so imagine my sheer joy when I find T2 the UK’s answer to Canada’s David’s Tea – jumps for joy!!

I mean how funky is this teapot that my dear friend bought me for Christmas!

Now I know before you tell me they do not have a shop in Scotland – god I hope that changes soon but they do have an online shop that delivers to Scotland (David’s Tea are you listening the amount of business I could send you if you only delivered to Scotland). And during a recent browsing trip online I purchases these lovely teas.

Buying up some Red Green Vanilla tea which tastes delicious and then trying the much recommended Cinnamon Matcha which is meant to be like a warm hug and good for before bedtime. What is not to like I ask you? And Lamington is a wonder  – it’s a black tea that tastes so chocolatey and without any of the calories – that works for me.

If you love tea, or you know someone who does the shop in Shoreditch, London is brilliant and their website for online purchases is excellent so check it out. It’s a tea lovers dream and steers very far away from the boring old teas. Personally I can’t wait to try all there different ranges.


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