Sexy Fragrance Alert – Jo Malone

So towards the end of the year last year I was given a lovely gift voucher for Jo Malone. It’s a shop I wander around every so often as you know I adore fragrance but find at times there ones can be very hit or miss. Not that they aren’t lovely but they are just very specific to the smell glands. So to cut a long story short I did get another fragrance which I like but isn’t me. Now when I was paying for the fragrance they had a sample of their new fragrance to be launched early 2017 and I had sprayed my wrist with it. Well for the entire rest of the evening this new fragrance more than the one I had already got was just well sublime.

So the fragrance that has taken my breathe away is Jo Malone Myrrh & Tonka – oh my days folks its a very sexy fragrance indeed.

“Namibia, with its sand dunes and warm desert colours, conjured up the romance of faraway lands.”

– Céline Roux, Fragrance Director”

I think this description of the fragrance is spot on. It is definitely a fragrance that will get you compliments and the really cool thing is it can be male or female. It has been a long time since a fragrance has stopped me in my tracks quite like this one. Please don’t just take my word for it pop in past your nearest Jo Malone store and smell this beauty for yourself.

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