Currently this month I have been:

Trying: Lots of different hobbies, paper making, pottery, whittling and loving it.

Reading: A Women’s Guide to the Wild: Your Complete Outdoor Handbook by Ruby McConnell. I am going camping this year and this book is brilliant with its humour, guidance and tips.

Watching: All my favourite tv programmes are back, Madam Secretary, Scandal, Designated Survivor, Chicago Med, Law & Order to name a few.

Film: I finally got round to watching Wild the film based on Cheryl Strayeds memiors. Cheryl’s character is played by Reese Whitherspoon and she is magical in it. I had put off seeing this film as I never got past the first couple of chapters in the book and just thought it was too heavy. Well I was wrong it was actually a very lovely and uplifting film about Cheryl walking herself back to the person her mom would love. Powerful stuff.

Planning: Trips! Finally I have some dates in the diary for some very exiting trips both on my own and with my favourite people. I can’t wait the first one is next month.

Listening: I have been loving listening this month to Simon & Garfunkel. Not sure why I am just feeling that type of music right now.

Drinking: Chai tea being made at home is everything right now.

Seeing: The Scottish Rugby team have a pretty darn successful Six Nations campaign. Its’ my first year of season tickets and has been hands down the best money I have spent. I can’t even begin to explain how amazingly proud I am to be Scottish when Murrayfield signs our national anthem. Wow hair’s in the back of your neck stuff. Come on Scotland!



Introvert in Me this month focuses on Work Things. If you’ve missed the other parts you can get part 1, 2. So how do you function well in the work scene when you are an introvert? Well easily is the answer, sure you might never be the first to put your hand up or speak up first in a meeting but folks can be assured when you do speak up it will be well thought out the comments you give.

My main message as an Introvert is that you have two ears and one mouth and you should use them in that ratio. I know that I listen loads. Not just to what is being said but how it’s been said and also the things that aren’t being said that are just as important in my experience. I find this easy to pick up upon but I know not everyone does. 

For me personally I spark better in smaller groups but can absolutely hold my own in networking. The difference tends to be that afterwards I will want to head off somewhere on my own and recharge. It’s never meant as anything untoward it’s just a personal preference and how I work. When I was younger I used to question myself if it was weird but to be honest if I don’t get that time to recharge I am just not at my best and get grumpy so its best for all I take time to recharge. Once I am recharged I am good to go. When I volunteered for a charity which took up a lot of my time I found quick ways of charing my batteries when there wasn’t time. My tips that even now I will use when I am short on ‘me time‘ is to have if possible a 20 minute disco nap, or listen to a podcast and or music whilst going for a walk, read a chapter of a book, talk to my favourite people, go for a 20 minute walk. I find most times you can carve out 20 minutes even when you are against the clock or if really pushed close the door and have 5 minutes to yourself having a cup of tea. Most people will give you that at least. 

As I get older you get more confident and comfortable seeking out what YOU need to be your most best version of yourself and with time people will realise you work better in your conditions than in theres.


I may have mentioned once or twice my love for chai tea. For me it’s always like drinking ‘Christmas in a Cup’ but enjoyed all year-long. I also adore David’s Tea but since they rudely won’t ship to the UK I was on the hunt for an alternative funky tea supplier. I found that supplier T2 by sheer luck when I was walking around Shoreditch with my dear friend in December last year. Now again for some reason they haven’t come up to Scotland??? But before I fall completely out of love with them they do have an online store so I will take that. As a result I have made a few purchases for myself and gifts for others. However, on a particular day of browsing their website I came across a Chai Pot – hem hello this is just amazing. So of course I ordered me the red one, there was a black one too but I liked the rustic red colour and this past weekend on snapchat I shared my first try to making Chai tea and well it was very successful. Oh happy days indeed!

Isn’t she a beauty? The handle screws in so it comes detached in lovely packaging which I have to say all T2 products come beautifully packaged. I followed the brewing instructions on the T2 website. So to make Chai in their pot they suggest the following:

3-4 teaspoons of Chai (they recommend theirs however I had Oprah Chai to use but will try theres in future) I only used 3 teaspoons

250ml of milk of your choice (I used semi skimmed but will try almond milk soon)

250ml of cold water

Honey to taste

For me I put the chai in first and then cold water allowing it to heat up nicely and slightly simmer then I added the milk and honey.

I gave it all a stir and allowed it to gently build in heat and when it was throughly heated through I used my strainer (also from T2) to empty the pot into a cup. Can I just say the smell at this point is insane oh my goodness I was in heaven.

Let me just say at this point it is super hard to pour and take photos with the wrong hand. And people ask what sort of skills you learn as a blogger 🙂

The copper cup I am using is perfect for keeping your tea warm for even longer. The handle can heat up so you need to be careful but is a perfect hand warmer cup when its cold.

My Chai pot was the perfect size for filling up this mug. And all that was left to do was enjoy the aroma and enjoy having quality Chai made in the absolute comfort of your own home = perfect weekend moments.

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I found this first couple months of the year hard. Not for any particular reason but if you wanted to know what I was doing it was pretty much working my way through all seven seasons of The West Wing and making pottery in an evening class. I have to say doing these two things got me by and was highly enjoyable.

This is my first ever attempt at making a mug. It was hand-built and is probably the most bizarre looking mug but its made by my fair hand and I use it for having my favourite liquorice tea in. I loved the colours that this ended up. As the thing I found so difficult with pottery was knowing how the slips and glazes would end up. I have to say none were as I had thought but I am very happy indeed with the end result.

I love how the handle is on my mug as I spent a long time getting it smooth. And whilst I won’t be making a career as a potter anytime soon it was the most relaxing experience to have on wet and cold January evenings.

Next was my chance behind the pottery wheel which is far more difficult than you might imagine if like me you had pictures of Demi Moore behind a wheel well you might be disappointed. I was so surprised at the amount of strength in your arms and legs you need to steady and secure the clay and make it into something.

My first attempt and I am so proud of this. I know you might be looking at the photo think oh my really. But I know the time and effort it took and I adore the colour of the bowl.

This time (this is the second pottery course I have taken) I was super surprised at the skills about making your bowl be and look finished which is why I am showing you the bottom of the bowl. I carved the bottom to making it  almost be a stand for the bowl something that until I did it I just took for granted. Now I appreciate the effort that potters take.

I loved doing hand free decorating on this bowl. Again I won’t be giving up my career but I am very pleased with how it turned out. Apparently all my pottery is dishwasher friendly but I won’t lie to you I am scared to try.

This bowl is the most scrappy of all and isn’t thrown on the wheel. It was a last-minute attempt at using clay mould. This one is a bit random as it rolls when it sits but I had it in my mind I would use it as a bowl for cotton balls. Because of course I can. 

My next attempt at hobbies will be wood carving so watch this space. What I get from all this is the way you just zone out whether it was my paper making class or pottery. I do love new hobbies. 


I do love writing a Wednesday Word and this Wednesday I wanted to talk with you about Adventure. I can’t even explain to you how badly I am feeling Wanderlust. I think ever since last month would have been a year ago that I went to the Arctic Circle – have I mentioned that was the best ever holiday I have been on – Oh OK once or twice, well it really was.

I have plenty adventures planned this year but for a number of reasons the dates are not yet locked down and as a result I am super restless. On my instagram @poppytailsandtrails if you don’t already follow me I have such a huge amount of people/places I follow that is all to do with the outdoors, adventures, cabin life that I dream of one day having/being and doing. So the long and the short of it is I am saying YES! I am going to take myself out of my comfort zone and have epic adventures this year!