Natasha Denona Palette {Review}


Well to get another palette on the back of the Bobbi Brown palette wasn’t really my intention but I had vouchers to use and had this palette on my wish list for sometime. So I made the leap and invested in the Natasha Denona Palette. It comes in a white leather type case, it looks good although how this will play out in time with the white I don’t know but think it should be easily enough cleaned with a baby wipe. So first impressions for me is good.

Natasha Denona Palette

 You get 28 shades, mixtures of matt, shimmer and out right sparkle is this lovely warm toned palette. It has a lovely big mirror on one side and has a perspex sheet in-between that tells you all the shade names. So doing the maths for this palette each shade works out to be around £7 and if you take that into context that a single eyeshadow from her range retails for £24 each you can see whilst this palette is most definitely an investment it works out to be a great value. Now I know what your thinking? Girl you normally head into the nudes which my Bobbi Brown Anniversary palette has definitely cornered. However, I am a magpie at heart and will always tend to gravitate to sparkle colours and this palette is everything. Here lets look at the colours close up.


It was the money investment that made this palette sit in my wish list for an age. I researched reviews online and asked the important questions of will I use all these colours and the honest answer was yes and not all the time. Sure I won’t want to rock the sea greens and bold glitter greens everyday of the week but hey I have been doing a thing lately with my eye makeup that adds a shock of colour and have been really loving it.

Now to me the two most important question I ask about any palette I am going to invest in has been tested and the outcome is really good – colour payoff and lasting power? You get a lot of shadow for your money which is great and the colours are really buttery. The glitter ones do have fallen out but show me a glitter shadow that doesn’t and then most importantly they last, I am talking at least 6-8 hours last and still look amazing. I used the NARS eye primer (pictured) when using it. 

So all in I am really pleased I have purchased this palette, will I be buying any more – no not for a while, I am pretty much covered with all the palettes I own but when I decided to get this I wanted to look at it as an investment and with all the palettes I love I take good year of them so I expect this to be around for years and in cost per wear I think again will totally make it break even. This palette won’t be for everyone and if there are colours here you particularly like you might want to look to Makeup Geek or MAC for some dupes. I got this palette from Beauty Bay.

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  1. Kiran November 18, 2016 / 11:58 am

    I am so addicted to buying eyeshadow palettes that I just can’t bring myself to spend so much on one, even though all the reviews are positive, I just think it would mean I would have to hold off on buying more for a considerable amount of time. It does look so nice and high end though, I am glad you get a lot for your money. Great review! Xx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

    • Pauline McLeod November 19, 2016 / 9:02 am

      Thank you Kiran, yes it was a hard decision to part with the money but on seeing it and using it I have no regrets at all. But equally think there are loads of lovely cheaper alternatives around:-)

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