Movies That Make You Think………………………………..

You might have seen the pattern gathering around here. I am absolutely desperate to be out in the wild/outdoors and so a lot of my viewing and reading and indeed listening materials of late have been in this genre. Two films I watched recently and absolutely loved is The Way and Wild.

The Way starring one of my favourite actors Martin Sheen is a moving story about a father who has to go to the Pyrenees Mountains to collect the remains of his son who was starting the journey of the ‘El camino de Santiago.’ Its sad, touching, funny and moving. It cleanses and heals a grieving fathers wounds. I would so recommend this film.

Next up is Wild. I am so late to this but not because I didn’t want to see it but after starting to read the book I just didn’t feel I wanted to be sad. I am annoyed now at myself as I realise this film/story is so much more than the death of the main character (played by the brilliant Reese Witherspoon) it’s about finding yourself after grief. 

This film might well be one of my favourite films, it just really got me and left me thinking about the film for ages after. To me always a sign of a great film. I thought it was brilliantly shot. This film is based on the memoir of Sheryl Strayed who loved life lets say and to help her deal with the death of her mother decides to track the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) alone, a 1,100 mile trek. It deals beautifully with the dark moments Cheryl goes through, the breathtaking scenery which steals the show and the incredibly well pitched soundtrack. A film I thought would be dark and sad actually left me very uplifted. If like me you haven’t gotten round to seeing this please add it to your watch list you won’t regret it.



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