Making Chai

I may have mentioned once or twice my love for chai tea. For me it’s always like drinking ‘Christmas in a Cup’ but enjoyed all year-long. I also adore David’s Tea but since they rudely won’t ship to the UK I was on the hunt for an alternative funky tea supplier. I found that supplier T2 by sheer luck when I was walking around Shoreditch with my dear friend in December last year. Now again for some reason they haven’t come up to Scotland??? But before I fall completely out of love with them they do have an online store so I will take that. As a result I have made a few purchases for myself and gifts for others. However, on a particular day of browsing their website I came across a Chai Pot – hem hello this is just amazing. So of course I ordered me the red one, there was a black one too but I liked the rustic red colour and this past weekend on snapchat I shared my first try to making Chai tea and well it was very successful. Oh happy days indeed!

Isn’t she a beauty? The handle screws in so it comes detached in lovely packaging which I have to say all T2 products come beautifully packaged. I followed the brewing instructions on the T2 website. So to make Chai in their pot they suggest the following:

3-4 teaspoons of Chai (they recommend theirs however I had Oprah Chai to use but will try theres in future) I only used 3 teaspoons

250ml of milk of your choice (I used semi skimmed but will try almond milk soon)

250ml of cold water

Honey to taste

For me I put the chai in first and then cold water allowing it to heat up nicely and slightly simmer then I added the milk and honey.

I gave it all a stir and allowed it to gently build in heat and when it was throughly heated through I used my strainer (also from T2) to empty the pot into a cup. Can I just say the smell at this point is insane oh my goodness I was in heaven.

Let me just say at this point it is super hard to pour and take photos with the wrong hand. And people ask what sort of skills you learn as a blogger 🙂

The copper cup I am using is perfect for keeping your tea warm for even longer. The handle can heat up so you need to be careful but is a perfect hand warmer cup when its cold.

My Chai pot was the perfect size for filling up this mug. And all that was left to do was enjoy the aroma and enjoy having quality Chai made in the absolute comfort of your own home = perfect weekend moments.

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