L’ORĒAL Steampod {Review}


So I have been thinking for a while now about the potential damage to my hair with using straighteners and tongs so when I heard about L’Orēal Steampod it sounded like the answer to my prayers.


So its heating your hair with steam hence the name so better for your hair. I bought this online costing around £115 so not cheap at all. And well how does it work? Well, disappointingly I have to reluctantly admit. I have used this many times and whilst my hair is shoulder length (I did my research and folks with my length of hair said it worked brilliantly) note to self not everything will work with you and this has been a costly mistake!!!!


So why haven’t I got on the Steampod train – well baring in mind I bought this to be kinder to my hair each time I use this it makes the ends look seriously dry. Like they are fried, not cool at all. I always use heat protection spray so that’s not it and because of the steam I use these for shorter time when straightening but still frustratingly the ends look awful. 

I need to stress at this point that I take my hair care seriously so my hair is in no bad condition this purchase was to try to help my hair not kill it and this is just awful. So much so each time I keep trying after watching YouTube videos and I hope it will work but nope it doesn’t. I am so disappointed by this product. 

If I am missing something please tell me folks otherwise this will be getting passed onto someone who might be in a better place to use it than I:-((

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