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If you follow me on Snapchat/Twitter/Instagram you will know that whilst I wasn’t regularly blogging in July I sure was updating my social media on my amazing trip to Las Vegas. I went there with my best friend who just happens to live a world away normally in Canada so getting to spend 2  weeks just her and I was like the best birthday gift. Ladies who have best friends in the same town – god you don’t know how lucky you are. Never mind we were also celebrating 12 plus years of friendship which is so not easy to do when its long distance but so worth it if you can make it happen.

Anyway’s I won’t be sharing too much of my trip more because it was personal and well I girl has to have some personal time too. But I did want to show you a few shots taken of the city that never sleeps. As you might imagine there are hundreds of photos so this is just a tiny amount to share. The picture above was taken when my dear friend took me to dinner on my birthday at the truly amazing Top of the World Restaurant. Amazing revolving restaurant that goes slowly around 360 degree views of Las Vegas and here the Old Strip whilst you eat the most amazing food ever and of course enjoy a tipple or three:-)


We stayed at The Flamingo and not the Pink Flamingo as I like to call it much to the annoyance of anyone I spoke with he he. This photo was taken from our first full day of being in Vegas we decided to start the holiday off by having a pool day. This was a super packed pool as you can see and made me think of a version of ‘girls gone wild for adults’. This is the adult pool there was also a family pool and I must admit it really is lovely to not have little people around. The heat in Vegas was absolutely insane, during my 10 days there each day it was 43 degrees and dropped to a freezing 38 degrees at night. Best way I can explain it would liken to opening the oven door when it is at full heat, even the wind is the hottest air you can ever imagine. On a positive though I survived it and loved that the dry heat allowed for good hair days which doesn’t normally happen for me on holidays so that was a total bonus.


You can’t even believe this size of Las Vegas, I mean my bestie told me as she had been a couple of times but nothing prepares you for it. I was so intrigued with Paris an 3 quarter sized replica of the actual Eifel Tower in Paris. Unfortunately out of all the places we when and boy did we go everywhere this is one we never quite made it too but I still love it. Surprisingly another thing I could not get used to is how busy LV is with cars – I mean at any time, 4am, 9am, midday it was constant gridlock – how can that even be???


Caesar’s Palace is enormous, like I can’t even explain but always made me smile when we walked past it as I just always thought of the scene from Friends with Joey and his hand twin. Yup even writing this makes me giggle at that!


Hands down my most favourite hotel in Las Vegas was The Venetian it was absolutely mind-blowing. This was my first experience of it and that sky its the ceiling how insane is that!!!


This is inside a hotel, ok let’s take a moment to let that sink in. They have these gondola rides that either go inside the hotel or outside. Being a Cancerian star sign I always feel at ease around water which might well be why I loved this hotel. Also it might be that it was a tiny piece of quiet in what can be a very full on place. 

Everyone told me that Las Vegas is like Disneyland for Adults and they are totally right. I loved here and I wasn’t sure that I would as it was a visual assault on my introverted senses but I find myself missing lots of aspects of it. I totally think every adult needs to go here at least once in their adult life – you won’t regret it!!

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