Las Vegas – Old Strip



When I spoke to anyone about visiting Las Vegas everybody without exception told me I had to visit the Old Strip or it just wouldn’t be right. Like everything I came across in Las Vegas seeing Fremont Street is like nothing you will ever see or think you will see. I only had my iPhone so these snaps are all from my phone but this is the ceiling. Every hour on the hour the hotel lights dim and the ceiling lights up with this insane moving light show to music. It is just amazing!


You can see here what the roof looks like when the light show isn’t on. And if that isn’t mind-blowing enough they have zip lines that allow crazy people the opportunity to zip line over everyone. It is truly insane.



I promise I was way happier than I look here. I was clearly too busy looking at what was going on behind my friend than actually posing for her!!!

It was such a mind-blowing trip for sure. I am going to share with you a few more parts of the trip next week. And one of the absolute highlights for me was staying on a cowboy ranch but I will explain more next time.

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