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Well hello my lovelies, how better to properly kick-start myself after my blogging back to share with you all the things I loved in July and there is a fair few things most if not all are totally new and immediate loves. So grab your cuppa and let’s get to it shall we?

Pacifica Coconut Power Shampoo & Conditioner – There is not enough words to explain how much I am in love with these organic shampoos and conditioner that smells absolutely divine. I came across these when I discovered ULTA (all bow at the beauty gods for this store). I am gutted to find that if I wish to repurchase these I can do so for the mere $80 – what on earth. Calling any lovely American beauty bloggers who would be kind enough to pass a Ulta and stock up for me (I shall obviously pay you) please please I need these products in to continue to be in my life. So to put into context these products cost $10 each so you can see why I so gutted at that type of cost because of shipping. These are just really lovely products. After a lot of time spent trying to find a way to get these products to the UK we do actually have stockists in the UK but not for the hair products:-( These particular products are for Strong & Long Healing Conditioner which restores and hydrates and gives stress protection and nourishing repair – exactly what I want and need for my hair. The fact that its 100% Vegan and Cruelty Free is just another added bonus.

Ciate Nail Polishes in Amazing Gracie, Antique Brooch and Moondust. Oh my these are so lovely. I picked them up on one of my many visits to Sephora (I didn’t buy each time I should add I just wanted to wander around and get my Sephora fix). The shade Amazing Gracie was my birthday nail of choice with Antique Brooch on my ring finger on each hand. I am not too familiar with this brand and won’t lie the reason I bought them was because they were so small – perfect for travel. The light colour needed 2 coats but once one stayed for a fair few days with only baby touch ups were needed. I think these colours are perfect summer nail colours and have since worn these colours since being home.

Sephora Nail Polish Remover (Gillter). So whilst on holiday I treated my bestie and I to manicures. I can’t explain how excited I was for this because I am so used to doing my own nails so it was meant to be a treat. Unfortunately the lady I got scared the living daylights out of me. I wanted light nails for my birthday (see above) she didn’t want me to have light nails and gave me teal nails with polka dots and more gem stones than was ok. Hence me buying this remover which was brilliant in getting off the sparkles and glitter she had applied in so many layers. This has a rough textured soaked sponge which is perfect for getting stubborn glitter off your nails. A total life saver.


Hot Tools Rainbow Curling Iron. I knew before I left if I managed to find a Ulta I would be buying this Hot Tools Curling Iron. I have tried and loved Hot Tools when I lived in Canada so I knew it would be absolutely brilliant. The wonder of being in 43 degree heat is that strangely my hair behaved far better than in any other holiday I had ever been on – so strange. Makes me think a girl might wanna move there! This is firstly so pretty – come on I know  you were thinking it but it also provides a perfect curl that translates beautifully into beach waves.



Lorac Pro 3 Palette. This is the reason we made the $40 each way trip to a Ulta that seemed to be in the middle of the Nevada dessert. Ok I might be exaggerating that part but thankfully my bestie enjoyed the trip and got lots of goodies or else I suspect she would have totally fallen out with me. Having the original palette which I liked but when I had seen that this palette was going on sale the very time I would be in the US you know these colours have my name all over them and was so worth the visit to Ulta. I have had this on my eyes since buying it and just love this slim palette. So many options with the colours to have day to-night combos – I am in heaven!!!

Covergirl Queen Latifah Lipstick in Nude Attitude Q495. Not having Covergirl any more in the UK I may have had a list as long as my arm of brands I wanted to look at and this was one. The surprise for me was the amazing Queen Latifah range – there wasn’t any colour I didn’t want and walked away with 3 of her lip shades which are so on point and this one being my absolute favourite. Hey Covergirl if you are listening Scotland needs you in her life:-)))0


Bobbi Brown Eye Opening Mascara in Black. So this is the only one in July that I had purchased before my holidays (start of July). If you’ve been around her you’ll know the search for a really lovely hard-wearing mascara has been an ongoing task. Well hold the door cause I just found a winner. I am so in love with this mascara I am not sure you’ll be able to understand by how much! The fact I don’t need to use eyelash curlers when I use this is just fantastic. It lasts, it doesn’t transfer and works well in heat. It actually does what it says on the tin and opens your eyes, a big big thank you to Julie Engel the lovely lady behind Galmeetsglam blog who recommended it on her Snapchat feed.

Other favourites:

I wanted to mention a whole bunch of other non beauty related favourites for this month!

Meeting Oscar the Dolphin, staying on a Cowboy ranch with the loveliest Cowboys and Cowgirls you could wish for, Las Vegas for all its wild, big and insane magic, Country music, Eddie the Eagle movie and How to be Single movie, American Odyssey god its a good series, Canon Mirrorless Camera, Our Souls at Night by Kent Haruf, Philly CheeseDogs, Ulta, WallGreens, desert heat and birthdays:-)))))))Any you lovely readers, your comments mean the world to me so thank you for taking the time to write something.

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