Introvert In Me Series – Friends

For me being an introvert and having friends it will always be about quality over quantity every day of the week. I am 1000% comfortable to say that my best friends I can count on one hand. Sure I have a lot of acquaintances and a lot of people I really like but when the chips are down there is a hand full of people I would go to. Well, even that isn’t true as the way I really work as cheesy as it sounds is I really trust myself and my own counsel so I go to me first. That isn’t the way of every introvert of that I am sure but since its my blog and my series I figured I would share this is the way of me. 

That said of the handful of friends I would call on they are amazing. I thrive in good conversations, I work at my very best on a 1-2-1 set up but don’t for one minute think I can’t do networking or group occasions I surely can. Only difference is I need to recharge afterwards. 

I like to make meaningful connections with people, with so much social media I think making the effort and making it meaningful is so important. I get this I think from my folks who brought us up with family dinners at the weekend and well they would go on for hours. Some of my happiest memories are around the dinner table. Where connections are made and fun is had. We have in my family a long standing tradition that when we go out for dinner we are always the last people in the restaurant. To me that is where the magic happens good connections, deep conversations and fun. 

So you will most likely find me with the special people in my life, walking and chatting, having food and chatting, chatting over coffee or wine. Connection is key and whilst on the outside looking in to only have a handful of friends might seem strange trust me the connection I have with these special people more than makes up for numbers. 

Some of the most random of meetings for me has turned in the most enduring and great friendships. I really believe the saying which I have no idea where it comes from but someone told me it years ago and it just really resonated with me and thats ‘friendship is for a reason, season or lifetime’ how incredibly true.


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