Introvert In Me – Part 3 Work Things

Introvert in Me this month focuses on Work Things. If you’ve missed the other parts you can get part 1, 2. So how do you function well in the work scene when you are an introvert? Well easily is the answer, sure you might never be the first to put your hand up or speak up first in a meeting but folks can be assured when you do speak up it will be well thought out the comments you give.

My main message as an Introvert is that you have two ears and one mouth and you should use them in that ratio. I know that I listen loads. Not just to what is being said but how it’s been said and also the things that aren’t being said that are just as important in my experience. I find this easy to pick up upon but I know not everyone does. 

For me personally I spark better in smaller groups but can absolutely hold my own in networking. The difference tends to be that afterwards I will want to head off somewhere on my own and recharge. It’s never meant as anything untoward it’s just a personal preference and how I work. When I was younger I used to question myself if it was weird but to be honest if I don’t get that time to recharge I am just not at my best and get grumpy so its best for all I take time to recharge. Once I am recharged I am good to go. When I volunteered for a charity which took up a lot of my time I found quick ways of charing my batteries when there wasn’t time. My tips that even now I will use when I am short on ‘me time‘ is to have if possible a 20 minute disco nap, or listen to a podcast and or music whilst going for a walk, read a chapter of a book, talk to my favourite people, go for a 20 minute walk. I find most times you can carve out 20 minutes even when you are against the clock or if really pushed close the door and have 5 minutes to yourself having a cup of tea. Most people will give you that at least. 

As I get older you get more confident and comfortable seeking out what YOU need to be your most best version of yourself and with time people will realise you work better in your conditions than in theres.


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