Introvert In Me – Down time

So in this series I thought one of the best places to start off with is down time, you know when you’re not at work and you  don’t have any other commitments how do you spend your time. Well, the simple truth for me is I have zero issue being on my own. I came to terms with loving my own company when I was little and if anything that understanding of my need to recharge on my own is stronger now than ever.

As an Introvert I want to ensure you I really love people, I enjoy spending time connecting with people whether at work or socially. Whenever I read about Introverts the most common myth I read is that we basically hate people – totally wrong, well I can only talk for myself and for me that is wrong. 

Where my introvert tendencies come out is that I NEED to recharge, I HAVE to recharge my own batteries and the best way I have found to do that is spend time reconnecting with myself. I guess this must sound super indulgent to someone who doesn’t necessarily get Introverts but I trust you it’s not. My uncharged = moody, grumpy, unhelpful, demonstrative and just no fun to be around. 

The most simple joy I can give myself is to have every once in a while a weekend with zero plans – oh my days that’s me in my happy place. Not having to be somewhere at any given time, changing my own plans at a moments notice = the perfect weekend. Sometimes in all honesty that isn’t an option so for me the quickest way to recharge especially during the winter is to go see a movie (yes alone, I love doing that, I also love going with others too), or hunkering down with a good box set is another way for me to just recharge my batteries, painting, pottery, taking photos, going for a walk oh and the absolute joy of getting lost in a great book. All or any of these gets me back to my centre. 

This series is more for me to explain my introvert tendencies more than anything and I can and only speak for myself and what works for me, how I feel, things I do that helps and moments that make me feel not so great. I sure would love to hear from fellow Introverts and Extroverts cause as you will see I can be when needed super interchangeable too.


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