Favourite Christmas Movies


Some of my favourite Christmas movies

So I have already spoken about my Christmas rituals about drinking Christmas tea, listening to SmoothXmas on the radio now another ritual I have is working my way through my favourite Christmas movies. So after much deliberation here is my top ten movies in no particular order:

  • It’s a Wonderful Life  I have to say I only first watched this old film about 6 years ago. I know it’s a awful admission. My grandma had the video (yip that’s right no DVD) and lent me the copy so I think it was a Sunday before Christmas with a lot of interpretation I popped it into my VCR, huddled up with a cup of hot chocolate and a blanket around me and started to watch. At first I was thinking mmmmmhhhh not sure about this but then it got me and don’t even get me started about the ending. It is a beautiful story that everyone should see at least once and especially at this time of the year. Forever now I think of the magical line when I here bells ringing “Every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings.” It get’s me every time. I so recommend watching this if you haven’t already. The story behind the film has such lovely meaning and is more poignant and meaningful than ever before.


  • Scrooge I realise there are many versions of Scrooge/A Christmas Carol but for me it will always be the version that has Albert Finney in it. He is an amazing actor and this film is just wonderful. In fact I think you could almost call it a musical. Yes, I do have the soundtrack, no I have yet to see the stage version but one year I am sure I will.


  • Die Hard Possibly a strange Christmas movie choice but I have great memories of when this first came out on DVD watching it around Christmas time with my Dad. Well in my humble eyes Bruce Willis is an absolute legend and I lurve all the Die Hard films. And if that doesn’t convince you? Well they do play one of my favourite Christmas songs as the end credits role – Let it Snow:-)
  • A Christmas Card OK so this one I have tried so hard to get a copy of but its only sold to American markets – bah humbug! I first saw this a couple of years ago when I was off work (Christmas shopping days) and started to wrap my presents. Now I am fairly sure this was the first year I discovered that Movies 24 changes to Christmas 24 for the month of December, how amazing is that!!! Anyway they show a lot of Hallmark type movies that you can see the plot coming for a mile off but I don’t care I want easy over Christmas films by the bucket full. This is a lovely film about Cody a solider who has had a hard time losing a best friend whilst at war. During his time away he receives a Christmas card from one of the soldiers church. This card getting him through a difficult time so when he gets his leave he decided to track down the writer of the card Faith. The met and well it’s just a lovely story. If you see this film look out for the Seplmen’s home it’s so sweet and the horse drawn sleigh – it’s super romantic. I want one of those!
  • The Snowman I can remember when this first came out and it’s been a tradition to watch Raymond Brigg’s The Snowman every Christmas and normally on Christmas Eve. So this year I am super excited to see there is a sequel The Snowman and Snow Dog which is due to air on Christmas Eve at 8pm, I simply cannot wait.


  • Elf Again I came across this movie for the first time whilst one year wrapping my Christmas presents. What else can I say this is just a brilliantly funny movie with a nice story behind it that works for kids and adults too.


  • Fred Clause I am not a huge fan of Vince Vaughan but this movie really made me laugh and so now each year I find time to watch this.
  • The Polar Express I remember going to see this when it came out in the movie theaters on a Thursday night by myself. I was such a brilliantly animated film and I think was a modern day Snowman movie. I can see little kids just being in total awe of this film.
  • Home Alone It’s not Christmas until I watch this film. I maybe am less likely to seek this one out but will always watch it if it’s on. It’s such a fun film.
  • National Lampoons Christmas Vacation This really is the newest addition to my collection. My best friend Tabitha introduced me to her yearly tradition of watching this movie at Christmas time when I was over staying with her a couple of years ago. What can I say it’s a classic with Chevy Chase and has some really funny moments in it.

So these are my top ten but there are a few more that I love like Love Actually, White Christmas, Miracle on 34th Street, Mrs Miracle, The Most Wonderful Time of the Year, A Christmas Visitor to name a few others and I am positive I will have missed out some other classics.

So what’s on your Christmas movie list?

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