Discovering Trish McEvoy

Back at the start of December which feels like moons ago I headed to London town to catch up with a dear friend for four nights. Now I knew my friend would have all manners of mean sorted for us to do and see but I knew on one of the days when she went back to work I was going to head to Selfridges to spend however long wandering around with a large wishlist of products I wanted to physically see and touch and decide if I wanted to actually purchase. Now maybe in another post I will share with you the really horrible encounter I had with the ladies at the Bobbi Brown counter and to be fair alot of the other beauty counters but not in this post. 

Anyway, feeling very disappointed I start to come to grips with the idea it wasn’t going to be a successful trip a really lovely assistant working for Trish McEvoy struck up a conversation. And well the rest is sort of history.

I had rather serendipitously seen an article about Trish McEvoy’s planners and well seeing them in person really made me fall in love with them. I should say I had zero intention of even looking at this counter but the sales assistant was so lovely and restored my faith in beauty counter sales people (take note Bobbi Brown Selfridges staff) and not to mention how cute is a beauty planner that is great for travel purposes. I went for the small version, there is a bigger one but I knew I would make way more use of this than the larger one as I suspect I would have just kept it at home which wasn’t really the point of it.

So like a diary planner this opens up fully and has a ring binder where you get one little trish mcevoy beauty planner 1 you can make it up how you like so for me I went for 3 eyeshadows, a blusher and bronzer. The other palette in these pictures is actually Inglot another amazing brand I got to visit whilst in London as I wanted grey eyeshadows too. 

I should say I had never tried anything by Trish McEvoy and well I think her products are really needing more love as they are brilliant. I also whilst there bought her Lash Curling Mascara, again my love for the Bobbi Brown Eye Opening Mascara hasn’t gone but I was in zero mood to drop any money at their counter after the way they treated me so bought this mascara and have to say I am loving it and would definitely repurchase.

My next endeavour was to then find small good travel brushes I have ended up using a mixture of Inglot brushes and Crowne brushes which are both brilliant and fit in the planner perfectly. I would love in the future to get my paws on all of Trish McEvoy’s make up brushes but as you would expect they are not cheap so will need to save to get those to add to my collection.

Now if you are anything like me and not explored the wonders of Trish McEvoy I would throughly recommend you check her out. Like Bobbi Brown she is a makeup artist first and foremost so you know what she produces will be fab. Unfortunately back in Edinburgh I can only access her products online but as I saw a lot of them when I was there I have a little wishlist built up. 

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