It feels like I haven’t done a ‘currently’ post in a while so lets change that shall we?

Reading: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying: A simple, effective way to banish clutter forever by Marie Kondo. God I am totally obsessed with this book. I am a bit of a border, I admit it so this topic is something I have read up on a lot with the thought and will to try to get my house in order so to speak. I’ve liked the books but none has spoken to me quite in the way this book has. I will be doing a review on it soon.

Listening: Spotify and I have had an on off relationship for a while, I just didn’t get it. Now I am loving it. I still don’t understand how it works that you can listen to artists brand new albums for free but I love it and it is becoming a cost saver too as I will often like a song then buy and album but not like or listen to the rest of it so this allows me to try random artists that I kind of like but maybe wouldn’t commit to actually buying.

Doing: Decluttering properly. What can I say I am on a roll thanks to Marie Kondo (see above book).

Buying: A new watch. I love love love my Fossil watch but because it has transparent straps they are a nightmare to keep looking clean so I have been on and off since last year looking to find a watch and I would keep your peepers open over here as I might well have found one.

Watching: Suits, Scandal, Siberia, Greys Anatomy, The Good Wife and The Blacklist to name a fair few. I am just loving these shows. I don’t necessary watch then at the scheduled times I record them on tevo and then watch them at my leisure. I do need to resign to Netflix to get the new season of House of Cards and whilst I am really annoyed I have to pay £80 to join Amazon Prime at the end of the month to see my favourite author Diana Gabaldon’s book Crossstich be made into the series called Outlander but I have like many of her UK fans have waited so darn long that it has to be done doesn’t it.

Making: Deliciously Ella Cookbook. Man I am having such a girl crush on this ladies cookbook, I am making up a storm of her dishes and truly loving them. You can she my post on her book here.

And some notable mentions to Wheetabix, been enjoying this for the first time in an age, drinking Unik Instant Masala Tea mix which allows me to get my chia tea on, painting my nails in either Essie Urban Jungle or Nails Inc Porchester Square.

So that’s it for my currently this month!

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