Another chance to share with you currently what I’ve been loving, doing and thinking!

Watching: Designated Survivor, I really enjoy this show but get so frustrated with my Virgin Media as it is rare that I can watch a whole episode without it stalling. So much for fast broadband:-(

Visiting: Photography places. I have a long list of places in and around Edinburgh that frankly I should have already visited but slowly I am making my way through that list.

Planning: This Easter I was meant to be on a great trip to the West Coast of Scotland but it sadly got postponed as they didn’t have the numbers. I am so gutted about this so had to do a 180 on my 4 day long weekend.

Podcasts: I got properly hooked on S-Town a 7 chapter real life story of the darkness that goes on in a tiny town in the deep south of US. I won’t spoil it for you but its a really well edited show and definitely worth checking out.

Films: I had booked 3 times to see Beauty and the Beast but for different reasons cancelled it. However, this Thursday past I finally got to watch it. I think one of the reasons I put it off was the fact that I didn’t want them to mess with my favourite Disney film – I mean it couldn’t get any better. In my opinion it didn’t but it was good and not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I can totally see a where a whole generation for whatever reason hasn’t seen the original would love this. They have done a decent job and I loved the fact that Ewan McGregor was in it (only got that at the end – doh). ┬áNothing will ever come close to the original – if you haven’t seen it I would recommend but this was a good attempt to make it real life so to speak.


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