It’s time for another currently so grab a cuppa and get comfy.

Watching: The West Wing currently mid way through season 6 and god is it a god send of viewing. It has been really lovely escapism during these difficult political times. My highlight so far is having Alison Janney (CJ Cregg) like my tweets – girl power:-)

Listening: I mentioned before about my love for Audible books and well its going so strong. I love the idea of multi-tasking so the idea of listening to books on my commute to and from work. 

Music: Discovering new music or being reignited with old loves is brilliant so this month I discovered Courtney Marie Andrews her music is beautiful and she is in town this week and I can’t get a ticket for love nor money:-(

Reading: I am obsessed with reading and this month I finished Steff Penny’s Under a Pole Star and Gossip in the Forest which is incredible for me to get through books so quickly but I feel like that’s what you need to do in the winter months.

Making: Ohh getting so into crafts but you’ll see more about this later on this week.

Cooking: I have just discovered how amazing a one tray bake is so at the moment loads of veg and chicken with garlic and herbs rubbed in and cooked for 45 mins is perfection. 

Thinking: About getting some travel plans in the diary. I have a lot of trips to go on but no dates set for them and I need to get onto that.

Chocolate: Wow after taking forever to get my paws on Ombar chocolate well lets just say its worth the wait.



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