Thought it would be helpful to get a currently post up before it’s the end of the month. September seems to be flying past! So currently this month….

Reading:  I have been really going through books recently well in my terms I have. I finished I Let you Go and then randomly purchased and have started getting into The Watchman of Filigree Street by Natasha Pulley. I won’t lie the cover is what originally got my interest and since I am eternally looking for another The Night Circus book I thought this one looked intriguing. I am on page 54 so that is promising as often with books I buy I just don’t get that far if they can’t hook me in straight away.

Listening:  I know this will sound silly but its only been recently I realised you could download an Audible book and listen to it whilst driving without eating your data so now it’s created a monster ha ha. I finished Nicholas Evans The Loop and loved that now I am in-between three audio books depending on my mood. All the Light We Cannot Sea by Anthony Doerr I must admit I am so glad I didn’t buy this book as I would have never got past the first couple of chapters, I am struggling to get into this one but am persevering. Then there is The Lynching by Laurence Leamer it’s a Oprah recommendation. It’s quite a heavy book about the KKK but super interesting hence I need to be in the right mood for it. And the last two are Presence by Amy Cuddy (remember the Superman pose?) I am really enjoying this and I just started The Untethered Soul by Michael.A.Singer. I must admit I don’t normally chop and change so often but I don’t feel like I am fully into any one of them hence mixing it up.

Learning: So last week I had my first Ukulele lesson and despite the jokes being made at my expense by family and friends I am properly loving learning a musical instrument. I had a patchy at best episode with the recorder at school and was a drummer for a short time in a pipe band but nothing really stuck. This I really like although I can’t feel the tip of my finger on my left hand. I am told this is normal – yikes! Anyways I am strumming away in the evenings learning ‘Don’t Worry Be Happy’ and really enjoying it. 

Visiting: My sister and nieces for the day. It’s always so lovely catching up with the family.

Planning: I seem to have ants in my pants since I have come back from Vegas. Other than a brilliant trip to Belfast you can read about it here and here I hadn’t planned to do anything this side of the year but well we all know that wasn’t going to last so over the next couple of weeks I am planning another long haul trip – watch this space as I will be looking for some recommendations.

Working on: Some Autumn goals, I will be posting more about that this week.

Burning: Candles again, is it me but I don’t really burn candles in the Spring/Summer and more in the Autumn and Winter. I love this season we are coming into.

So that’s it for another month, be sure to let me know what you’ve been up too!

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