It’s time for another currently. So currently this month I have been:

Planning: For my trip to Las Vegas, yup that’s right this gal is going stateside as it’s been a while. It’s gonna be dang hot but I cannot wait.

Watching: The football, yup I can’t believe I am writing this as I don’t like football and am blaming my new tv for this weird habit that will stop soon I promise.

Listening: I am having a proper love affair with Christine and the Queens. It’s so nice to have a new different sound to get into. I have a feeling this and Kylo might be my summer albums.

Eating: Donut peaches and pea pods is pretty much what my body is made up of at the moment, ohh and some watermelon thrown in for good measure.

Loving: Chanel Beige fragrance – oh my days! And Anthropologie’s Clary Sage & Fig candle.

Dreaming: About falling asleep under the stars at the Grand Canyon. It’s going to be super epic for sure!

Reading: The Gracekeepers which I didn’t particularly like. I have moved on now to Katie Fjorde’s book which I am really enjoying.

Purchasing: An amazing 40 inch curve tv which is just everything.

Doing: Cycling on my lovely new bike which in case you didn’t know I have called her Happiness:-)

Flowers: Peonies, oh my this is amazing that peonies season is back!

So that’s what I have been doing currently!

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