Commonwealth Games Training – part 1

Commonwealth Games Training – Part 1


This March has been a busy one for me with lots of things going on and places to be I wanted to share with you my first orientation session for the Commonwealth Games.  By the time I got to the Emirates Stadium one very cold and windy but surprisingly sunny friday morning in Glasgow it had felt like a lifetime ago when I got interviewed for a volunteering role – about a year ago, even longer since applying. Anyway by the time my orientation session was upon me I was starting to get very excited as to what I had let myself in for.


I don’t mind admitting that by the time the session kicked off the stadium which has over 4000 capacity was filled with volunteers all excited and ready to finally get their teeth stuck into this volunteering malarkey I had goose bumps. It is quite something to know that we were all part of something bigger than ourselves.

They had I though rather cleverly got very talented up and  coming sports people to demonstrate a range of the sports that will be competing at the Commonwealth Games. They were impressive indeed and probably names we will see a lot more in the future.


Above an up and coming professional being informally interviewed by DJ Romeo.

Now there is going to be a bunch of information and things I can’t share with you. I have been asked by the organisers not to. But what I will say is I really like our uniforms they have been designed and produced by the brilliant Trespass sporting goods company.  We got given some amazing facts about the Commonwealth Games, such as the Royal Commonwealth Pool in Edinburgh where I will be volunteering is the only venue to every have been used for what will be the 3rd time in Commonwealth history.

I wasn’t sure how information would be disseminated during the day but boy oh boy these dudes are slick and have organised this event well. We each sat down to get one of this red bags containing important information for volunteers.


Had you been anywhere in Glasgow/Edinburgh on this Friday you would have just seen a wave of red as we all carried these bags back to our respective homes. And inside well check out below:


Yes, information for volunteering! You know I hadn’t really thought too much about this whole volunteering malarkey until actually it was Hogmanay when we moved into the year of the Commonwealth Games, when it started to become real to me and my fellow 14,999 volunteers.

I don’t know if you managed to get tickets? I don’t know if your even interested? I bet it will be a case of the nearer it gets the more folks will get interested but I will say this, be safe in the knowledge that folks want to have a safe, fun games and they have everything in place to deliver that. I for one can’t wait for my role specific training that comes at the end of May.

For more details on the Commonwealth Games check out the website here.

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