Christmas Tea Time!

Christmas Tea Time!


Well, if you read my ‘Currently this month’ post you will know I am pretty far down the Christmas present buying stage and getting well and truly into the Christmas way of things. No music has been listened too just yet but I needed to order me up some of my Whittard Christmas tea. It’s a little tradition I started with myself since I moved into my apartment some 7 years ago this Christmas time. I for the month of December at home when I would normally have tea I only drink Whittard’s Christmas tea instead.

Now to be fair each year they have made there Christmas tea into teabags as well as loose tea. Out of handiness I always went for the teabags. This year alas it seems its only coming in the loose tea option. No fear I ordered me up some and also purchased this lovely individual cup that handles loose tea – double winner!


Well, I obviously had to try me some just to check it was the same of as the teabag version! Of course it was but it went brilliantly whilst watching Christmas 24.


Ahhh nothing better than a good cuppa!



You can get Whittard’s Christmas Tea here online for £10. I do love the Kilner Tin. The glass cup doesn’t seem to be available online but you can use this for the same results.

Happy brewing!

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