Celebrating 5 years of PTT

Well first let me say Happy New Year! I hope you had a truly lovely Christmas and New Year. If it was anything like mine it was filled with family, fun, lots of food and making wonderful memories. 

So my first post of 2017 is to celebrate my little slice of the online world which I started 5 yes 5 years ago this very day – what on earth!!! I always thought it would just be a phase that I would grow out of but 5 years later and my love for blogging is still going strong. I have posted over 827 posts – what is this madness!!! I knew that if I was to do blogging I had to be consistent and have I think achieved that with pretty much posting 3 times a week most weeks out of the 5 years. Sure I have taken breaks when I have been on holiday or over the festive season and I think that is pretty healthy thing to do. I did it more last year and it meant me not getting blogging fatigue and plan to do it again in 2017. 

I think last year more than any other year I have grown my little community and that makes me so proud. I love when you interact with me and comment on my posts. I love sharing my little slice of life with you and plan to keep doing so. So if you are a regular than thank you so very much for sticking around. If you are new, a very warm welcome to you. I post on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8am UK time. My posts are lifestyle and beauty predominately but I will mix things up from time to time. 

I know as I follow so many blogs myself that there is a lot of noise out in the inter webs so the fact you take time to look at my pages means everything to me so thank you. And let’s get stuck into 2017 shall we?

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