Back after a blogging birthday break!


Well hello my lovelies, how are you keeping? How’s your summer going? It feels likes like an age since I have last blogged but also it’s been really nice to have a pure break. In case you have been wondering where I have been and haven’t been following me on social media I had a lovely special birthday which I celebrated with my best friend in an insane trip to Las Vegas and then had other lovely family celebrations which has taken me to the end of July. 

I have loads to share with you over the coming posts. My holiday was insane, it was my first time to Las Vegas and was so more insane and amazing than I thought it would be. My best friend made the trip so very special when we did so truly fantastic moments and experiences which made this a trip of a lifetime. And some of the things I will share on here is oh my the shopping. I had not even realised how brilliant Vegas is for shopping and boy oh boy I definitely did my bit to help out the American Economy – Ulta/Sephora I am looking at you guys in particular:-)

The good thing when you step away from the blogging world you do think and evaluate and the happy thought I came up with was I do still very much enjoy blogging and will continue as long as I keep on enjoying it. I would love to hear from you if there is anything in particular you want me to cover on this blog? Don’t be shy:-)))) So for now I will gently ease my way back in with this quick post.

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