April Reading

So the theme with me is outdoors and everything I am reading and listening to and of course watching is in this genre. So I wanted to share with you the books I am reading this April and really enjoying.

From left to right:

Writing on the Road by Sue Reid Sexton I picked this up a while back as I fell in love with the back cover where it tells you this book is about Sue’s journey on her own around the Scottish Highlands and Islands in her Campervan. I cannot tell you how much I want a Campervan to do this very thing so clear this books sings to my soul.

Next up is a really great book about being outdoors but unlike a lot of books out there it is specifically for women and I love that. I have gotten so many tips reading through this book. A Woman’s Guide To The Wild by Ruby McConnell very clearly doesn’t think there is any reason women can’t survive in the wild. We just have different issues and needs and her book whilst clearly targeted for the US is a helpful guide to any lady wanting to go out into the wild.

This next book was a recommendation I came across on Instagram and knew it would be right up my alley. Consolations of the Forest by Sylvain Tesson is a book about Sylvain who spent 6 months living on his own in a log cabin in the Siberia forest from February to July. I have only started this book but it is a thing I think would in theory be amazing to live in a log cabin on your own but in reality would be a lot harder but with better rewards than you could ever actually imagine. 

I would love to hear from you if there is other books in this genre you’d recommend to me?


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