I hadn’t any intention of updating my current iPhone 6 plus but also hadn’t realised my contract would run out this month so when I got the call and a good deal it seemed like a no brainer to upgrade to the iPhone 7 plus. Exactly the same size as my old phone but with the headphone socket taken out and a much better camera its been a great upgrade. I cannot get over how super sharp the screen is. And after falling heavy for the larger handset with the 6 plus I knew it was be the bigger handset I would want again. 


I went for silver this time and a lovely silver sparkle moving glitter case. I am so happy with it. Apple you’ve done it again:-)

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I don’t often mention products when they haven’t really hut the spot but these ones well they just really disappointed me.

First up is the Bondi Sands Liquid Gold – I had just high hopes for this as the build up was massive and I can honestly say after application I saw no difference, I tried again and just didn’t see any notable difference on my body. I mean it smells like heaven but just let me disappointed. I am using it up on my face which seems to work well for one day and then the tan disappears. Not sure what I am doing wrong but my holy grail Xen-Tan is still pride of place.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation – Possibly the biggest disappointment of them all. I was insanely excited to try this and spent a lot of time reviewing colour and blogger reviews so when I tried it well there was nothing magical about it. It went on ok but lasted less time than a phone call it seemed. I was shiny all the time and just really disappointed with this foundation. I continue to pick this up ever so often I think mostly because I can believe it’s not as good as it was hyped to be and am always left thinking ‘why do I keep using this foundation’.


NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation in Light 4 – Now this again seemed like a foundation that had my name all over it. And a big lover of the  Sheer Glow which in theory shouldn’t work with my oily skin but absolutely did. So my hopes were high. It goes on well and looks amazing then the next time I look in the mirror it has gone into every single pore I didn’t even know I had. It’s horrible, now before you say girl use primer I totally do, I have with both foundations used fingers, brush, sponge, well moistured skin with primers and still nothing. I am at a loss and like the CT foundation I keep trying to use it and each time wishing I hadn’t – very disappointing.

Benefit the Pore sessional Agent Zero Shine – now I need to be clear the product works what is super disappointing is the design. It is just really faffy to open, get product out and god forbid put the brush back in. Benefit can you please re-design this as it is a good powder, thanks.

Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes Mascara – I wanted to love this, the reviews were pretty amazing for it, I watched her videos on all the ways to apply but for me its clumpy, heavy and rather under whelming. Don’t get me wrong I really really want to love Charlotte Tilbury products and I have now tried a fair few but other than the powder I just am not getting the hype. 

The great thing about these products is this is only my view and how they didn’t work for me but I can totally see how they can be others favourites. Anyway I hope you don’t mind me sharing my views. Would love to hear your thoughts on these or any other products.

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It’s November loves time, it feels like I don’t have too much this month but I only ever try to put in things I really have been loving so sometimes that isn’t too many and other times it’s lots. 

From left to right:

Kitsound Audio Earmuffs have just been everything this month. I bought these back in January from House of Frasers and for some reason or another never was it so cold to use but this month finally as the weather has got colder I have cracked these out and they are fab. As someone who is always a hot pie wearing hats can make me over heat but this covering my ears with fluffy ear muffs that allow me to hear my music, audiobooks or podcasts whilst keeping warm is just genius in my mind.

Soap and Glory Kiss Ass Powder was bought a while back. However, like any good beauty blogger you often start a product and then move onto the next. This was the case here but now back using this yellow based face powder I am really liking it, it doesn’t keep my shine at bay for as long as I would like but it doesn’t look cakey and the yellow slight tone is perfect for taking any red shine away.

CAVIAR Anti-Aging Replenishing Moisture Masque is quite simply the best hair mask I have tried. You might remember I shared with you my hair troubles I had been having in this post. Well this is a carry on when I had run out of the hair mask I had been using I had been recommended CAVIAR hair range which I have never used before but am really enjoying. It makes your hair feel like silk, sure it’s not cheap and I use it once a week and so enjoy how amazing my hair feels after using it. Its love at first use.

PAI Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil this was a new purchase as part of my taking care of winter skin I had again been recommended this facial oil and I have to say it hasn’t disappointed in the least. 

Revlon Matt Balm in 265 Fierce again a purchase that was made a while back and picking it out this autumn its been a wonderful brown/rust matte colour that I have been really enjoying using.

Other favs: Ness Owl Dressing Gown (so soft), The Comet Seekers book, Shooter on Netflix the series based on the film Shooter, Till Brönner his new jazz album is great. Plus Katie Melua’s winter album is perfect listening material. Ok so that s me the next one will be the biggy I will be doing the 2016 favourites so be sure to check back in with me.

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This photo was taken back in June when I spent a wonderful couple of days with a dear friend. This week I get to visit my dear friend again in London and am so looking forward to spending time and making more memories with her. So my Wednesday words is Go Travel, it is I think the single most important thing we can do. Not to mention how much fun it can be to spend time with those you treasure and discover new and old things together.

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Over the years I have got it down more and more as to what to pack on travels. For hand luggage this is pretty much always what I carry in some form or other. The things I don’t have pictured is the tickets/passport which is a given. Pretty much anything else you can always pick up en route but these items are my go to.


For face carry on the only constants I always have on me is a Bath and Body Works lip gloss as I find these so moisturising and gives a sparkle that liven’s up a face if your lipstick has worn away. Plus its super low maintenance and can be applied with your eyes closed. Then there is the  powder compact, to be fair I am just working my way through ones and this is the one I am using at the moment Soap and Glory Kiss Ass, its good but not overly long-lasting like the Urban Decay or MUF ones but I have hit pan on those and wanted to finish up using the other ones first before repurchasing. 

Then there is the small hair brush with is a must. It’s a Wet Brush so can if I forget my big brush I can use this if needs be on wet hair too – bonus. And the powder brush I can’t even remember where I got this but this is how I apply powder and have done for years. There was a time I used the powder puffs but found it provide too cakey by the end of the day. And always a perfume this one is a lovely one I picked up from Zara (which by the way have lovely scents) they are prefect for traveling.


Possibly the most important carry on’s for me other than tickets and money is the entertainment. I always carry with me my iPad Mini which was purchased a couple of years ago and is just the best size ever. On their I use the digital magazine app Zino and catch up on all my reading of great magazines such as ‘O’ Oprah Magazine. Then their is the tunes. I seem to be really old school in that folks use there phones for everything, I got into the way of not doing this when I had the iPhone 4 and its battery life was horrific and so I used to worry that god forbid I needed to make a call I would have no juice. Thankfully that is no longer an issue with later iPhone models but I just have always used my iPod Nano for listening to tunes and podcasts and I guess will continue doing so until it stops working on me. 

I have possibly the worlds smallest ear canals so after a LOT of trial and error I finally found KOSS Clip Over Ear Headphones which I have had for god at least 5 years and were starting to see better days so did a lot of research found these Sony Clip Over Ear Headphones with retractable cord that are brilliant. 

So that’s my essentials for traveling, would love to hear from you on your essentials.

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