July Loves



Writing this post means that it is the end of my birthday month – boo! However, there has been lots of things I have been loving this month so lets get sharing shall we?


I review a lot of shampoo’s and conditioners on this blog, purely because my hair gets used to them so I need to chop and change. Although this year I have had a few on rotation that are working well. I can’t remember how I found out about Macadamia’s new shampoo and conditioner but I bought the small sizes to try them out and see how they would work on my hair.

Macadamia Weightless Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner – these two are designed for people with hair like I have oily, but fine and lots of it. These two might well be my dream combo. I have been using them everyday since getting back from holiday and my hair is feeling and more importantly looking brilliant. An extra bonus is they are free from sulfates, parabens & gluten. So a proper win win in my eyes and not as strong a fragrance as their other products. 

Charles Worthington Style Setter Brush-Out Strong Hold Hairspray – this has been my go to hairspray forever. It does what it says on the tin and comes in travel size too. It’s been featured on my blog a few times so not much more to be said other than amazeballs:-)

Living Proof Amp Instant Texture Volumizer – I am having such a love affair with Living Proof as you might have guessed. Now that my hair is shorter I have been loving this putty like styling product. It gives va va room.

Babyliss Big Hair Styler – I have had this forever and used it sometimes with my longer hair. However, with shorter hair this has just come into its own and is being used everyday and is just perfect for giving volume and drying my hair quickly. 

The other products I have mentioned in my recent Sephora haul post on Monday. The only product I have not mentioned in that post is the Milani Lipgloss in Bare Secret 01, it’s such a perfect nude gloss for my skin colour and smells amazing. It’s been my summer go to product.

Other things I have been loving this birthday month in no particular order: Nina Simone Revisited, All is Lost film, Grey Mountain by John Grisham, Greek Coffee, Greek jewellery, in fact anything Greek, smoothies with my Nutribullet and my birthday gift of a popcorn maker!!!!

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Sephora Haul


Well, what can I say, on my recent holiday to Corfu, Greece which was amazing by the way I came across not one but two Sephora’s in Corfu town – wowzers!!! So the day before my birthday I had set aside pennies to visit the mothership and visit it I did. Here is just some of what I picked up.


From left to right:

Sephora Colorful Shadow & Liner Matt Waterproof in 33 Secret Boudoir – this was a last minute purchase but has turned out to be brilliant in fact I wore this the day we hired a speedboat just to see if the waterproof claims were true and boy they were indeed. This is a great nude eye colour that can go with anything.

Sephora Lip Liner in 06 Pretty Praline – this was in their bargain bin and I tried it out yesterday it is a lovely autumnal colour that has a bit of sparkle in it. 

Spear Colorful So Euphoric Blusher in No15 – this might well be my favourite Sephora item. It is a beautiful peach colour that with my holiday tan just goes brilliantly. It is also the type of item that you need to be in store to try out as there was another one that I was back and forth on getting but am so pleased I went for this one. The Sephora blusher love affair continues.

Sephora Mineral Foundation Compact in Tan 35 – my mum first bought me this and I have always used it as a bronzer, in my opinion the best bronzer ever. And so I knew I had to get another one just in case. I can’t see a time where I wouldn’t want this in my makeup bag.

Sephora Contour Bronzer Brush 46 – I hadn’t intended on purchasing any brushes but they were on sale and its different when you are actually their to try them out.

Sephora Must have large powder brush 30 – my Ecotools large powder brush has finally gone to brush heaven so this one again in the sale was a must purchase. These brushes are large so not great for travel but brilliant for at home.


I do love me some Sephora nail polishes, it’s rare that I will use up a normal sized polish so I love that these are ickle ones and think all nail polish should be in this size. So from left to right the colours are:

Lilac Fantasy, Dirty Groove, Nails Inc Charlotte Street 401, Brunch in Bed. 

Sephora eyeshadow in Walking in Sand No 74 – this might be the perfect glitter holiday nude eyeshadow ever!

There was a couple of things I bought but are not photographed, another nail polish in a duck egg blue colour and a lip stain which are both lovely. I also bought the MAKEUP FOREVER products that I mentioned in Monday’s post.

I was happily surprised to find Sephora in Corfu, and did keep thinking to myself why would they not open in the UK, or more helpfully in Scotland as I think there would be a big market for them. I am pretty sure they have been in the UK before. If Sephora and Bath and Body Works could come to Edinburgh this would make me such a happy bunny oh and whilst I am their if The Pier could come back also – thank you:-)

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Make Up for Hot Climates & Oily Skins


So I mentioned in my post on Monday that I found not one but two Sephora in Corfu. To say this was a good day was an understatement indeed. Anyhow you will have seen the haul I had but I thought these three beauties deserved a post all to themselves. I had zero – zip intention of buying primer, foundation and powder when I headed to Sephora. Why? Well I had a list of other products that I wanted to get. However, I got talking to the lovely sales assistant that initially mistook me for being Greek and once she realised I was not in fact Greek we laughed it off and this all happened when I was standing in front of the MAKE UP FOR EVER counter. 

Now I realise that I could have been offended when she starting pointing out to me about being oily skinned (this was a bit of a understatment considering it was only a mere 36 degrees out) just a little hotter than I am used to in Scotland:-) 

I love travelling with all my heart but I do find it hard to even look remotely presentable when the weather gets hot and humid. So once she discussed with me that her sister a native Greek had the same issues (wow it might not be a Scottish thing after all) and swears by these products for some strange reason it was enough of an endorsement for me!

OK, enough chat from me little me introduce to you my holiday heroes for those who have oily skins.

MAKE UP FOR EVER – Step 1 Skin Equaliser Mattifying Primer – For me this is the key ingredient for this as it litterly sets the tone (it’s clear gel by the way) but wow you only need a teeny tiny amount, I found this out the hard way. And honestly only where you need it. So for me forehead, nose and cheeks. 

MAKE UP FOR EVER MAT VELVET+ No35 – I use this with either a brush or a beauty blender, I think the beauty blender gives slightly less coverage which in the hight of summer is what you want however, I would say it’s totally buildable.  

MAKE UP FOR EVER HD HIGH DEFINITION PRESSED POWDER – This might well be the absolute best mattifying powder I have come across. It’s white so with all of this range really less is more. I use it with a small EcoTools travel powder brush and it works like a charm.

Now for me the proof of how amazing these products were on my birthday night out. I had made a bit of an effort to go out for dinner using a lot of my new Sephora bought products and after a hard day at the pool it would be fair to say I had a lot of heat in my body. So normally when I put on a bit of make up on holiday it pretty much slides off. Well, it was at about 10pm still 30 degrees and when I went to the toilet to do a wee face check I was gobsmacked that I was shine free. Seriously oily ladies I almost cried I was so happy. If you don’t have oily skin you might not get the mighty ness of this moment and even my friend commented that I wasn’t shiny and looked great. What more does a girl want for her birthday!

To find out more check out their website here.

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Currently this month I have been enjoying the following things:

Reading: Gray Mountain by John Grisham, I had downloaded loads of books on wildly different topics for my holiday but bought as a last-minute at the airport the newest JG book and well, it’s pretty much all I have been reading at the moment. This time it’s all to do with the legal issues surrounding coal mining in Virgina, USA. I know might not sounds particularly thrilling but JG’s style makes it easy to read.

Watching: Selma, I wanted to watch this movie when it had all the hype surrounding it but never managed to catch it at the cinema. I did however rent it via Virgin Movies and it was a great film.

Visiting: Corfu, Greece. Although the British media were intent on scaremongering potential holiday goers from going to Greece we went and what was written about food shortages, violence, etc in Corfu could not have been further from the truth. I had a wonderful time there, second time for me in about 10 years. First time around I didn’t really think too much of it. This time with a hire car to explore – amazing and such friendly people.

Thinking about: Corfu and missing it so booking another trip. Not to Corfu but to somewhere I haven’t been before. Exciting times indeed!

Wearing: Birkenston sandals, I have always wanted a pair and recently got not one but two pairs in the summer sales – yeah me!

Using: My Babyliss Big Hair Styler. With my new shorter style this has been amazing at giving my hair va va voom volume.

Drinking: Greek Coffee, I even brought home some to try which I am sure won’t be nearly the same but a girl can try. I also tried my first Ice Coffee which I think I might get on board with.

Listening to: Nina Revisited: A Tribute to Nina Simone this was released on the 10th July (my birthday in case you hadn’t noticed) so I had to wait till I got back from my holidays to listen to this and wow it’s worth the wait. As a long-standing Nina Simone fan this is an album I think she would approve of if she were still around. And with another female favourite Lauryn Hill singing about 6 of her songs you really can’t go far wrong.

Hoping for: More nice summer weather in Scotland, it’s not bad but it could do with that yellow thing coming out for a bit longer and making it a bit warmer.

Changing: A blog design change, I have been mulling it over in my mind and I think it’s about time! Watch this space.

Buying: A Cineworld Unlimited Pass. I have wanted this so much and with so many great films coming out it seemed like a grand time to do it. So last night I went along to see Magic Mike XXL there was no storyline but ladies that really wasn’t why we were going now was it:-)

Loving: Living Proof Hair Products, I am slowly building up my collection and each one is really blowing me away. Love this product line.

So that’s about it for this month, I sure am looking forward to posting my monthly loves post as I think there will be few ones in there for sure!

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Greek Coffee Love!

greek coffee This week’s posts has been all about my recent holiday to Corfu, Greece. And why not, it was such a lovely place. The truth be told the photos this week have all been taken from my iPhone. I haven’t had the chance to download my actual camera photos so I won’t lie and say this will be the last post about Greece. However, I simply couldn’t wait to share with you to new loves I found in Corfu.

On one of our days (Saturday) we hired a speedboat for the day to visit all the alcoves around the coast. As Captain of the boat I took my duties very seriously indeed, it was great fun being at the helm indeed. Although the hight of sun and salty air meant that when we finally came back to moor our boat I had a taste for coffee.

Deciding to try something different I went for the Greek coffee option. I had absolutely no idea what it was other than it would be coffee served in a Greek way presumably.

Well enter my new love of Greek Coffee. As the photo above shows it comes in a tiny espresso cup. Unlike an espresso it isn’t as strong in flavour and has the added twist of being sweet. Apparently they make it with Greek coffee beans with water and sugar. It was so good that it became my favourite after dinner drink.

All hail the Greeks for yet another wondrous thing.

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