An Evening at Flower School


Last week I got to do something I have wanted to do for years – attend a flower arranging class. In a rather random decision I signed up for an evening at Narcissus Flower School to learn how to do a winter hand tie. 

I have always had the thought that you go big or go home so if I was finally going to learn the wonders of flower arranging then it was going to be with the best. Narcissus is a beautiful Edinburgh flower shop that about a year ago found premises off London Road to start its flower school. So on a cold and wet Thursday evening I headed off to what turned out to be finding ‘my happy place’.

We met in their lovely premises and were greeted with smiles, mulled wine and biscuits – ok so already they had me at hello! After introductions there was demonstrations on how to make a medium hand-tie the absolute standard techniques that you must learn to master before going any further in the flower world.


They showed us how to ‘condition’ the stems. To you and i.e. this means clean them up and take leaves off. We were introduced to spiralling and then sent off to pick foliage to go with our flowers and then it was time to create.


As you can see from my finished hand-tie I really liked the idea of mine being a bit wild. I felt it went with the season. It was so lovely making something beautiful and with a mixture of newbies like myself and those who were super seasoned we all agreed that any flowers together look pretty. We stopped for a cuppa, mulled wine, cheese and biscuits and choccies and a chatter about life as a florist. 

Refueled we then were given demonstrations to make a posy or a wild large bouquet. Both were arranged with such ease but I settled on trying my hand at a little posy.


My posy had a mixture of red chillies, eucalyptus branches which smelled amazing and my new favourite discovery ‘chocolate cosmos’ I mean come on! And some ferns for added texture.


This is what the posy looked like without wrapping around it. We were taught that technique too. And also how to make the hand wrap which is often used for bridesmaids bouquets.



At then end of a wonderful evening we were presented with little goodie bags. As if the night couldn’t get any better!




In my little bundle was twine, berries, cards about Narcissus and a cute tote bag. The greenery was given to me to practice at home doing button pins for weddings. 

Simply put it was such a lovely evening and absolutely worth the £95 fee. I got to spend a wonderful evening with lovely ladies learning to be creative. Seriously what more can you ask from a cold and wet November. 

Be sure to check out there website if this interests you. Honestly you won’t meet more friendly and passionate people who know there flowers in Edinburgh.

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My Christmas Wish List

My Christmas Wish List Yikes its Christmas Wish List time!!

This year for Christmas these are the things I will be writing to Santa to ask for. I guess it will depend on whether I have been a good girl throughout the year!

Grey roll neck cashmere jumper would be divine if Santa could afford it.

Cabin Porn have I mentioned my dream home would be a cabin and well this book is Cabin Porn at it’s finest. I can see me curled up reading with a cup of hot cocoa over the winter months.

Grey Cashmere Shawl I think this is such a luxury item. 

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder I have had this on my list forever. All the reviews I have seen makes this seem like a wonderful setting powder.

Rose Petal Tea I first tried this recently when I had Afternoon Tea with a friend. I would never have chosen this myself but oh my lord it was so light and refreshing that I figured it might be something Santa would like to get me!

Laura Mercier Sweet Temptations Almond Coconut Milk Luxe Body Collection I mean folks have you smelled this – wow!

So I guess the big question is whether or not Santa thinks I have been a good girl??!!!

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Monday Thoughts: Making friends when your older


It’s Monday and I thought I would share another Monday Thought with you if you don’t mind! This Monday I wanted to tackle the elephant in the room – making friends when your older.

We all go through a stage when we look around to see that the friends we thought we might have are no longer around and that we are surrounded by friends that are new and if your really lucky such very special friends that you have a long and great history with. 

Years and years ago a passing friend mentioned this saying to me and I really really liked it and have used it ever since. ‘Friendship is for a reason, season or lifetime.’ I think this is so very true. You encounter people in your life that after the event you realise are there in your life for a short time and that is ok. You can probably identify those that last for a season or two and that can be fine as well and then there are those that are lifetime friends. I personally think if you have more than two that land in and keep in the lifetime category then boy oh boy are you super lucky. 

Moving to a new city is deeply exciting but can be super intimidating too as you don’t know anyone and the older you get the more I have found it’s actually harder to make friends as at this time in your life it feels like everyone is established in their own friend land. That isn’t quite the way but if your on the outside looking in it can certainly feel that way.

It leaves you in the friendship dating land where you meet, and try each other on to see if you can become friends. Sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t but it’s just the way things are in our modern world. So as someone who has gone through this and believes we all in one way or another keep going through this here are five ways I have found good at at least getting you in new circles to see if you can friend date!

Meet Up this is a brilliant website that has groups for almost every hobby you can think of in your local area. It’s free to join and you just sign up, and give a description of yourself and request to join. From there you just simply once joined check your diary and take the plunge.

Smile seriously simply thing to do but a smile makes you way more approachable and whilst your probably seriously nervous but take a deep breath and just try it. Smiling is far more likely to get a conversation started and for that well the world is your oyster.

Take a class being around folks with the same interests gives you a legitimate in as you know you both like x.

Say yes when you feel like saying no the hardest thing to do but if your invited somewhere go. I know its cold, wet and yucky out but make an effort honestly not only will you have fun but it will lift your spirits.

Be ok with you I know it sort of goes against all of the above but if you are comfortable in your own skin is glows from every pore you have. I think it’s so important ladies to remember that regardless of anything else you’ve got going on you must remember and believe that you are enough.

I won’t lie making friends when your older is like a form of dating and requires you to put yourself out there, try different things and reach quite far out of your comfort zone. And just like dating you’ll meet a lot of frogs and that’s fine but if your lucky and I am sure you are you will come across a friend and that well that makes all the effort worth it. Good luck my dears.

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Winter Foundation Rotation


With the colder weather I find I reach for foundations that provide a bit more coverage and staying power. I can’t quite make up my mind so I currently have 5 foundations on rotations. Let me go through them with you.

From left to right:

Too Faced Born This Way – I do really like this foundation my only draw back is although it says its oil-free out of all of these its this one that makes me look super shiny an hour or two after application and needs constant powdering. So not the best on that front but great in every other aspect.

Bourgois Air Mat – I had little expectations from this but boy was I impressed. This is great coverage and good lasting. It is quite a flowery smell but if you can get over that I would highly recommend this foundation.

Revlon Colorstay Matte – A firm favourite especially since last year they took out a matte version. To me this is the best dupe for Estee Lauder Doublewear on the high street. Brilliant coverage, and fantastic long wearing.


Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation – I love how this makes my skin look. It does give me shine but lasts well and is great for when you want your skin to look flawless. 

Cover FX Drops – This one isn’t pictured but I am absolutely loving this one. Its meant to work by itself or added to another foundation that might not be the correct colour for you and it simply is like magic. Why oh why didn’t I know about this sooner.

So that’s my rotation of foundations, have you tried any of these ones? Or am I missing out in something that you think is brilliant. Do tell me!

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Inspiring Books for Women


Well, a very good morning my lovely readers. I am so excited to share this post with you. How do you feel gaining a healthy dose of reading inspiration this fine Wednesday morning? OK well lets, get comfy and dive right in shall we?

If you’re a regular reader around here, thank you. If your new to my blog welcome it’s so lovely of you to join me. I love books in case you hadn’t noticed and will often be reading several books at a time. This is absolutely the case with these amazing books I want to share with you today.


Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert – she is the writer of the brilliant Eat Love Pray and in her latest book it’s basically about being more creative in your life and going beyond the fear. So far its brilliant, very inspiring work.

Playing Big by Tara Mohr – Tara his a new name to me but she is certainly making an impact on my thoughts. Her book Playing Big is about the fact that she noticed in her work that women would more than often put themselves down and out before even trying and that we have so much to give. She talks such great sense, I am racing through this book and recommending it to all my lady friends. 

Daring Greatly by Brené Brown – So this lady is just brilliant in my eyes. I found out about her whilst listening to a podcast a couple of years ago and immediately bought this book. It’s about going all in and taking chances and not being afraid. You can see a theme here can’t you!

Rising Strong by Brené Brown – Her newest book and simply brilliant. This book focuses on the who aspect of once you’ve failed how do you get back up again. Inspiring work from Mrs Brown again.

I am seriously loving the work these strong and intelligent ladies are doing. These books I think would make perfect Christmas presents for the women and friends in your life. I mention in my title that these books are for women, but in honesty they are for anyone who wants to strive and be the best possible version of themselves which indeed can be anyone.

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