Its taken a while to decide whether or not to post this but if it can help anyone then it would be a good thing I think. So back in April/May time I was still in the process of trying to find a good hairdresser. You know the one that totally gets what you are wanting. I went to a hairdresser that turned out to be the worst decision I had ever made about my hair. I did all the things you’d expect, armed with pictures of what I wanted, lots of pictures of what I was looking for. We had a consultation and agreed on the Bronde approach. I am a dark hair gal but wanted to start lightening up in time for my birthday celebrations. Anyway long story short the hairdresser did nothing of what I asked and as an introvert when she did the big reveal I was gutted and stood up for myself by complaining as uncomfortable as it was. Seven hours in total later leaving the salon with less than perfect hair but I knew that they were out of their depths and I was left with badly damaged hair:-( Since then I have been on a mission to try to repair my hair.


Enter these products that have got my hair into better condition. I had to go back dark which by the time I did I was so ready to do and feel the most happiest in but to explain how killed my hair was by badly processed bleaches and people not knowing what they were doing would take forever. So whilst my hair is now dark at the beginning it didn’t look what it normally did, shiny, healthy. So I overhauled my hair routine.

Shampoo & Conditioner of choice – Redken Extreme range.This range specialises in fortifying distressed hair which my definitely was. So serious was I about getting my hair back into good condition I also bought the anti damage protein reconstructing rinse-off treatment that I use once sometimes twice a week.


Along with this I have religiously been giving my hair a longer hair treatment (normally on Sundays) where I can give my hair a complete rest and let it air dry. I have been absolutely loving Lee Stafford CoCo LoCo Coconut Mask meant to bring hair back to life which it most certainly is helping with.

Now the other insult to injury was that in agreement with a new hairdresser who totally got my issues I had to get a lot of my hair chopped off. Like shortest hair I have ever had and whilst I totally knew it was the right thing to do I don’t like my hair that short so since July I have been desperately willing my hair to grow back again and you know the deal the minute you will something it goes so incredibly slowly. 


Now I knew I had done everything I could in the basic maintenance of colouring it back to dark brown, cutting off the major dead ends. Using good shampoo and conditioners and hair masks but I knew that wasn’t the end of the story. I totally revamped my after hair care too.

For the longest time I have used the barrel roll brushes that have metal and heat up. After studying (aka many many hours internet searching) I found enough proof to make me totally stop using that type of brush and invested in the totally brilliant Ibiza brush above made with cork. It took me a while to get used to by my hair which is fine but a lot of it totally responds to this brush. I can’t recommend it enough. 

Since forever I have used a hair oil before styling not really having much loyalty and going to wherever is on offer but the two that have really worked for me during this emergency hair care time is Umberto Gianni Mend My Hair Therapy Intensive Damage Repair its 5 in 1 giving you strength and repair, smooths and softens, conceals split ends, tames and controls and adds shine. Now I am the first to admit it doesn’t smell that great but it does the job well.

The other oil I use that smells divine and this is me on my second bottle is Wella Luxe Oil it is divine.

Then once twice a week in the evenings I will use my old favourite Charles Worthington Moisture Seal Overnight Ultimate Hair Healer. I am slightly worried as I have never seen this in the shops anymore so really hoping they haven’t stopped selling it but I love this. 

It’s definitely a work in progress, I can slowly see my hair responding to this care system. It has made me so weary of the next step in my hair journey. I am so loving being back to dark brown, it’s my true happy place so the other thing I have learned from this is that you just have to follow your own path in everything you do.

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I do love a TAG post and when I saw that the Autumn one was doing the rounds I knew I had to do it. I adore Autumn and the colours that makes everything look so deeply vibrant and alive. So here goes:

What signifies the start of autumn for you? Probably I would say when the weather starts to get cooler. It’s been a bit weird this year in that we have been having unseasonably warm weather so its like a false start but its getting there.

What is your favourite autumnal scent? That is easy – the smell of fires burning whether indoors or outdoors when people burn there old grass and garden stuff, ahh it just smells so autumnal.

What is your favourite autumnal colour? Burnt orange, coppers and cream – perfect colours for this time of the year.

What is your favourite autumnal drink? So I was one of those people that until recently wanted to like Pumpkin Spiced Lattes but just didn’t really like it. I tried this year a skinny version and I think they have changed it because it is lovely.

What TV show, new or old are you looking forward to this autumn? Another easy one Strictly Come Dancing, I know when that starts it will take me all the way up to Christmas and love the journey and the dresses and music, its just a great show.

What is your favourite autumnal fashion trend? I still like the UGG boot trend and poncho’s I live that look in Autumn.

What is your favourite autumnal activity? Each year around October time my parents and I head to Perthshire to take in the Autumn and spend some quality time together. I adore that weekend and can’t wait for it this year.

What is your favourite makeup look come the autumn weather? I like the berry lips look. There is something nice about a darker lip after having fairly nude colours for what seems like forever.

I came across this tag on Lilybet’s blog

I hope you have enjoyed reading my autumn tag and if you decide you’d like to participate, here are the questions for you to copy & paste onto your blog:
1. What signifies the start of autumn for you?
2. What is your favourite autumnal scent?
3. What is your favourite autumnal colour?
4. What is your favourite autumnal drink?
5. What TV show, new or old, are you looking forward to this autumn?
6. What is your favourite autumnal fashion trend?
7. What is your favourite autumnal activity?
8. What is your favourite makeup look come autumnal weather?

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Wednesday’s words: Wander far

I can’t tell you how important it is to travel, whether near or far it doesn’t really matter. Just be open to the idea, the thought and the experience of going places new. It shakes you up in a good way and makes you feel alive. So wander far my friends and find adventure.

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Currently this month I have been:

Reading: The Little Book of Hygge 

Watching: Season 2 of Outlander

Listening: Solange Knowles new album A Seat at the Table

Thinking: About Hygge and how to make it in my life.

Trips: Heading out to Perthshire to enjoy her Autumnal beauty.

Planning: Trips for the start of next year, and the end of this year.

Enjoying: Pottery, it’s been my absolutely happy place since September. 

Dreaming: Of winter and snow and cosy fires and reading good books.

Buying: Cook books and lovely magazines. That just seems to be where I am at at the moment.

Exercising: Trying out new forms of exercise.

Drinking: David’s Tea, thanks to my dear friend who is sending me lots of selections of their tea – god I am in love with this company (if your reading please, please, please ship to the UK).

Movie: Deepwater Horizon – god what a film. As someone who grow up living and working in the Oil and Gas Industry and lived through the Piper Alpha disaster where people I knew perished this film was more closer to the bone than I had expected it to be. A tough but necessary watch.

Loving: My twin lens reflex camera – going back old school and shooting in film and loving that you don’t get to perfect what you’ve shot.

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If you pop around here regularly you’ll have picked up on the fact I tend to have more than one book on the go at any one time. This book Choosing The Simply Luxurious Life: A Modern Woman’s Guide by Shannon Ables is a book I love to delve into. I came across and have been an avid listener to Shannon’s podcast, I encourage you to try it out, its food for the soul. So when I had realised she had written a book I knew I wanted to get my paws on it and it doesn’t disappoint. Like her podcast its full of great topic about a modern women and living the best life you can.

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