Well its been awhile I know. Summer has been and gone and it’s only now that I have thought that I need to update. I have had a wonderful summer, it’s been quick but its been about spending time with people I love, it’s been about taking time for myself, I have been doing a lot of painting and discovering of places local and further afield. 

So what does it mean for my blog? Well, I don’t want to say I am stopping blogging but the hunger at the moment to post is not there and I don’t want to force it. I will post when there is something I would love to share with you. I realise that might not be what you want and I am sorry but since my best friends death at the end of April I have just not been in the blogging space. I did think for a long time that this post would be my last but that didn’t feel right either. 

So dear friends, I would ask for your patience over this next wee while. Adding to the mix of working full time I am also starting back at university part time so my free time won’t be mine for a while. But I promise I won’t forget about you, if you don’t forget about me.

In the meantime, enjoy fall and all the wonders it brings, be in the moment as it is the only one we have!


Well where do I start? Firstly sorry for the long absence, I had thought I would be back to blogging in June and yet here we are mid July and nothing. The last post from me told you I needed time. It’s true I did and do. 

At the end of April my world changed learning of the sudden death of my best friend. Even now writing this it still hasn’t sunk in for me. So since then I just haven’t wanted to blog. I am practising self-care and being kind to myself so blogging and writing about things when my heart isn’t in it would do a disservice to both you and I. 

So for now I am taking the summer of and will reassess things from there. 

Wishing you all a lovely summer.


Dear friends, I need to take some time away from my blog. I think it will be likely I will be back in June maybe sooner but just wanted to let you know.

Take care of yourselves,


For regulars around here you know I am an introvert and proud of it. So a couple of weekends ago I felt like I was about to run on empty and was in desperate need of recharging/me time. So I packed my camera, water, sunglasses (yes we do sometimes need them in Scotland) an apple and paid £13.50 for a day return ticket to Kinghorn, Fife. 

I have passed Kinghorn many times on the train and always thought to myself I must come and visit there beach and never did. So hopping on the train it took me a mear 40 minutes on the train out of Edinburgh and it was like I entered a brand new world. A very sweet sea side town and on this day the weather gods were with me and I got to enjoy a wonderful walk along the beach. This is Kinghorn Beach.

It was such a lovely day, I sat on lovely seats that managed to block the wind and be a sun trap at the same time and just sit and enjoy. It was the perfect antidote to a busy schedule. This beach is Pettycur Bay just a short walk from Kinghorn Beach.

Can’t wait to do this again. There are a fair few places that are on my list of places to visit that aren’t too far away.


I have wanted to Aēsop products forever and don’t really know why I haven’t but a couple of weeks ago I finally found the Aēsop store in Edinburgh and got spendy. I had narrowed it down I would like to try their hand cream and so the really lovely assistant give me two to try. For me it was all down to the fragrance of the hand creams and the Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm won for me hands down (pardon the pun).

This hand balm has Mandarin Rind, Rosemary Leaf and Cedarwood Atlas as a fragrance. It truly is a luxury hand cream as it sinks into your skin and doesn’t leave any residue. It leaves my paws feeling deeply moisturised I mean what more can I ask for. It costs for the 75ml is £19.50 which is expensive for a hand cream but if like me you wanted to treat yourself I do honestly think this one is worth it. Go into the shop and try it out. They are very keen for me to try lots of products.

So on a role I knew I would like to try their lip balms. I was given two options a cream or balm. I purchased the Rosehip Seed Lip Cream for £9 and its nice but it goes matte on my lips. So they feel mosituresed to being with then and then it absorbs leaving no trace so not really my thing. I think I should have gone for the balm as it has an SPF in it so will go back and pick that up soon.

I really love the ethos of this company and can see me picking up more from their range. One of the lovely parts of the service is they sprayed one of the fragrances they have on the bag and I kept smelling it for days after. It really grew on me so I think that will be going into my basket soon.