Watching: Eye in The Sky. This is a sit on the edge of your seat type movie about the rights and wrongs and moral dilemma of dealing with terrorists. 

Reading: The Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman. 

Listening: The Lumineers new and brilliant album Cleopatra. They were amazing in concert!!

Smelling: Loving Zara Woman Star Jasmine & Candy fragrance right now.

Trying: To get fit, and welcome regular exercise into my life. So far its going ok.

Organising: Amazing trips to the Grand Canyon with my best friend. This summer is going to be absolutely epic!

Feeling: Hopeful in my life.

Hoping: For a lovely summer and great weather home and abroad.

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So it turns out there is a thing called Spy Week – who knew! Well of course that is going to appeal to me so I went along to hear the former Head of MI5 Stella Rimington talk about her experiences and time as the Head of MI5 when it was during the Cold War. 


Stella is the lady sitting on the right. She is sharp, funny and clear that it was a different world in which she existed and feels the landscape has changed so fundamentally from when she was in charge. Sexism was alive and well in MI5 when she joined but feels that it has changed totally now.

Stella graduated from Edinburgh University with an English Degree and comes each year to Spy Week to talk not just to students but the public on her experiences.


I had not realised that Stella has written 9 fictional novels on her character Liz Carlyle who starts off her life as a spy in the first book and both the reader and character age through the 9 books. Her ninth book is due out this year. I bought books 1,2 and 4. Book number 3 was sold out on the night but I did get to meet Stella in person and have her sign my book. 

So if you are around Edinburgh next year in April and are interested in all things spies then you need to check out Spy Week, you won’t be disappointed I promise!

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Teddy 1

So let me introduce you to this little cutie his name is Teddy. He is about a year old so still a puppy and quite a feisty wee man to boot! I would love to say he is my new dog but he is not. He is my borrowed doggy, what’s that I hear you say? Well about November time last year when I was going through a period of really missing having an animal in my life a little web surfing introduced me to a brilliant website Borrow My Doggy

This revolutionary site allows people like me that cannot commit to having a dog full-time due to work or life commitments borrow a doggy for walks and cuddles. I met with Teddy’s owner Jennifer in after exchanging emails and texts in January and last Saturday was my first doggy date with Teddy.

Teddy 6

He just melts your heart, a friendly little man who loves people, other dogs and sniffing everything as I found out on our two-hour walk!!

Teddy 5

Look at those cute eyes, I mean wouldn’t you give him a treat too if he gave you those eyes:-)

Teddy 4

Little Teddy was so well-behaved on our walk, and surprisingly strong for his stature. I won’t lie there was times when I honestly thought he was taken me for a walk more than I was taking him. We walked all around Stockbridge in Edinburgh, stopping off here at Inverleith park to watch the ducks and have a well-earned rest.

Teddy 2

Its been such a long time since I have walked a dog, so long that when I had my own family dog it was a time when you didn’t pick up poo. Not long into our walk my dread of the poo pick up happened but you know what having panned for gold for Poppy (my late cat) it made me feel nowhere near as freaked out about picking up poo and thankfully there are bins all over so it turned out to be a non issue.

Teddy 3

We walked and found new paths, we even stopped off to watch the rugby games happening which was a cheeky visual feast. I also found out how social walking a cute dog is not only with folks looking to pet your dog, and little kids wanting to meet Teddy but with other dog owners. It felt like I had been let into a special club and I loved it.

So not only did I get lots of fresh air and exercise I got cuddles from a little fur ball that made the world all right again. I must thank Jennifer for being so kind to allow me time with Teddy and hope to take him out again soon. If you want to Borrow My Doggy then check out link and start emailing. You won’t regret it I promise.

I for sure am looking forward to more doggy dates to come!

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I have wanted to try Antipodes face creams for a while but put it off as I had always had others I was using up. So when I finished my day cream I decided to order up these two. Antipodes Vanilla Pod Hydrating Day Cream and Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream

First up the day cream, it smells lovely but not quite as vanillay as I would have liked but as this brand does everything organic it didn’t have that added vanilla smell I am so normally used to. It feels thick and creamy when you apply it and hydrates my skin well so no issues their.

I think out of the two its the night cream that wins me over. It makes me feel like I am giving my skin a good drink whilst I am busy sleeping. I wake up and my skin looks great. 

I think both of these creams smell very organic, not my most favourite smells but they do the job. Would I buy them again, probably not to be honest but I am glad I tried them.

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I thought this Wednesdays Whispers I would share my experience of going to a concert on your own. Spoiler alert – it was fab!!

The problem with having such a far-reaching music taste you find that folks around you might not have even heard of bands you want to see. On Friday night I headed through to Glasgow Barrowlands to see for the 3rd time The Lumineers in concert by myself and had an amazing time.

I absolutely adore this Denver band and had previously seen them as the brilliant support acts to the equally wonderful The Civil Wars, and in actual sad fact the last concert where I saw both was the last time The Civil Wars played together as they broke up after that concert. 


I knew as soon as The Lumineers announced their much-anticipated follow-up to their debut self titled album I was going to go and see them in concert wherever close to Scotland they would come. You might not recognise their name but you will recognise their song Ho Hey! And might I say these guys are brilliant live. So when they announced their new album Cleopatra which may I had is brilliant I was online at 8.30am to get my paws on some tickets. Now when I say some I bought 2 tickets with the intention of finding someone to come with me to the concert. That however never quite materialised as understandably folks didn’t wish to attend a concert of music they hadn’t heard of. So off to Glasgow I went on a Friday night it took me about 1 and 40 mins to get through and at one point it was a complete white out with – snow yes that’s right snow in April!!!

Now, I have had mixed reactions to going to a concert on my own. And let me say it’s not the first and most definitely won’t be the last time either. I went to see Madonna in December by myself and can honestly say it was one of the best concerts I have been too because I could totally be in the moment which is what a concert is all about. 

Here is the honest truth it’s all about attitude, if you embrace the fact you are there by yourself and it changes how you act and how others see you. I lined up outside the Barrowlands at 6.30pm and spotted way more folks on their own than even I would have imagined so is this the new trend? I don’t know but I am of firm belief that you should get to so and do whatever you damn well please and it shouldn’t matter if you are with folks or not. 

Here is the very best bit, once you are in and the sport band plays and then your favourite band comes on – nothing less matters. You just get so into the moment, the music, the atmosphere and you end up like I did not just sharing with a another but with over 2000 people where nobody cared who you were with just that you love the music. 


The Lumineers were amazing, and the Glasgow crowd gave them a super welcome which they really appreciated. I on the other hand, met people I would not have had I been with others, got great merchandise and had quite simply an amazing date night with myself. What more could I ask for??> Well it sure would have been grand to meet them in person but you can’t get everything. 

The other great thing was I only took those two photos and nothing, I repeat nothing on my phone – why? Because I was so wrapped up in the moment that for me I just didn’t even think about it cause the music was EVERYTHING!

My advice, book the tickets, the trip, the whatever regardless of being on your own. Your worth it and totally deserve it. You will feel a smugness that you just can’t put a price on when you believe in yourself so much that have date nights with yourself:-)

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