I absolutely adore my iWatch but when I am working out I just don’t think I can wear it when working out. I am sure it’s fine but I just didn’t feel right so I had been on the look out for a fitness tracker and came across Moov which I must admit I hadn’t heard of at all before.

I went for this tracker as it can be used when boxing, swimming, running pretty much every type of activity you can think. It is so light and has an app you can sync your workouts too. I got mine on Amazon and it was reduced down to about £45 which I think for being able to use whilst swimming is so worth every penny!!!

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Trying to find Chanel Beige is like finding a needle in a haystack in Scotland so when I was in Glasgow for the weekend a while back I did an impromptu shopping spree and lo and behold I came across this bad boy!


Worth every single penny this fragrance is just class in a bottle. That is probably the only way to explain it. This was an early birthday gift to myself because hey I am worth it!!!!

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So when your friend keeps texting you that your summer holiday destination is hitting 40 degrees you know you gotta figure out a good base so you don’t become an oil slick. It’s gonna be a tall order but here are the bases for summer that I am trying to narrow down to take with me.


Estée Lauder Double Wear All-Day Glow BB Moisture Makeup in 3.0 – I have had a long love affair with EL and in particular the Double Wear range. This has probably the best staying power of all the summer foundations I will be talking about and almost definitely has a place in my travel make-up bag.

Urban Decay Naked Skin One & Done in Medium – I really like this and think it might be the lightest of bases which is great in one way but not sure it will hold up in hot temperatures but is great for life in Scotland when you want a bit of coverage but not too much.

NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint in St Moritz Medium 1 – I really really really like this one. As an oily girl I find this has great coverage and does last quite well and gives a matte but not flat appearance. I suspect this will be the other one I will take with me.


L’Oréal Nude Magique BB Cream in Light Skin Tone – This was my first foray into lighter bases and still remains one of my favourites. Great coverage and I love that the beads of foundation look white but burst into colour that works for your skin on application. This lasts good and is a wonderful and cheaper alternative to the EL or NARS ones.

IT Cosmetics CC+ Your Skin But Better in Medium – The most expensive one out of all of them and so far I am disappointed with it the most. I keep wanting and hoping this to be better than it is. It just seems to break up on my skin and go patchy and not last at all. I am 100% sure this will not make it into my travel bag which is so disappointing as the blogosphere have raved about this but for my it’s just been super disappointing.

L’Oréal Nude Magique CC Cream Anti-Fatigue – This is the newest one I bought and I bought it as my fav BB Cream is almost finished so wanted to see how this would be. Unlike the BB cream this is much lighter in its finish so doesn’t seem to last long on me but I like it for when I potter around at the weekends.

So have I missed anything I still have a bit of time if there is one you think would fit the bill that I haven’t tried!

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It’s time for another currently. So currently this month I have been:

Planning: For my trip to Las Vegas, yup that’s right this gal is going stateside as it’s been a while. It’s gonna be dang hot but I cannot wait.

Watching: The football, yup I can’t believe I am writing this as I don’t like football and am blaming my new tv for this weird habit that will stop soon I promise.

Listening: I am having a proper love affair with Christine and the Queens. It’s so nice to have a new different sound to get into. I have a feeling this and Kylo might be my summer albums.

Eating: Donut peaches and pea pods is pretty much what my body is made up of at the moment, ohh and some watermelon thrown in for good measure.

Loving: Chanel Beige fragrance – oh my days! And Anthropologie’s Clary Sage & Fig candle.

Dreaming: About falling asleep under the stars at the Grand Canyon. It’s going to be super epic for sure!

Reading: The Gracekeepers which I didn’t particularly like. I have moved on now to Katie Fjorde’s book which I am really enjoying.

Purchasing: An amazing 40 inch curve tv which is just everything.

Doing: Cycling on my lovely new bike which in case you didn’t know I have called her Happiness:-)

Flowers: Peonies, oh my this is amazing that peonies season is back!

So that’s what I have been doing currently!

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So when I went to visit my dear friend a couple of weeks ago there were so many things that I was excited about. You know when people just get you well that’s what its like with my friend. We share a lot of similarities but nothing more so than our absolute love of a good magazine. So imagine my happiness levels when she explained she had found two new magazines that she thought I would like!

Let me introduce you to the supremely brilliant Flow and Happinez magazines. I mean come on you just know from the picture above they were going to be instant hits with me.


First up was Happinez that absolutely blew me away within the first couple of pages when they had the most beautiful quotes from surprisingly enough Charlie Chaplin.




These magazines are expensive coming in at just below the £10 but so worth the money. I like to think of these types of magazines as the thinking persons magazine that wants fuel for the mind and soul. If they look like they might be up your street then you can check out their websites for more details.

Happinez and Flow

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