It’s time for another currently so grab a cuppa and get comfy.

Watching: The West Wing currently mid way through season 6 and god is it a god send of viewing. It has been really lovely escapism during these difficult political times. My highlight so far is having Alison Janney (CJ Cregg) like my tweets – girl power:-)

Listening: I mentioned before about my love for Audible books and well its going so strong. I love the idea of multi-tasking so the idea of listening to books on my commute to and from work. 

Music: Discovering new music or being reignited with old loves is brilliant so this month I discovered Courtney Marie Andrews her music is beautiful and she is in town this week and I can’t get a ticket for love nor money:-(

Reading: I am obsessed with reading and this month I finished Steff Penny’s Under a Pole Star and Gossip in the Forest which is incredible for me to get through books so quickly but I feel like that’s what you need to do in the winter months.

Making: Ohh getting so into crafts but you’ll see more about this later on this week.

Cooking: I have just discovered how amazing a one tray bake is so at the moment loads of veg and chicken with garlic and herbs rubbed in and cooked for 45 mins is perfection. 

Thinking: About getting some travel plans in the diary. I have a lot of trips to go on but no dates set for them and I need to get onto that.

Chocolate: Wow after taking forever to get my paws on Ombar chocolate well lets just say its worth the wait.



You might remember back in December if you follow me on Snapchat (poppytailsandtrails)in this post how I came to discover T2.

Whilst discovering T2 at their Shoreditch shop I fell so in love. If you follow me on twitter (@poppytailsandtr) you’ll know my on going one woman campaign to get David’s Tea to come to Scotland 🙂 Whilst they are super kind and humour me I get the impression it ain’t going to happen anytime soon so imagine my sheer joy when I find T2 the UK’s answer to Canada’s David’s Tea – jumps for joy!!

I mean how funky is this teapot that my dear friend bought me for Christmas!

Now I know before you tell me they do not have a shop in Scotland – god I hope that changes soon but they do have an online shop that delivers to Scotland (David’s Tea are you listening the amount of business I could send you if you only delivered to Scotland). And during a recent browsing trip online I purchases these lovely teas.

Buying up some Red Green Vanilla tea which tastes delicious and then trying the much recommended Cinnamon Matcha which is meant to be like a warm hug and good for before bedtime. What is not to like I ask you? And Lamington is a wonder  – it’s a black tea that tastes so chocolatey and without any of the calories – that works for me.

If you love tea, or you know someone who does the shop in Shoreditch, London is brilliant and their website for online purchases is excellent so check it out. It’s a tea lovers dream and steers very far away from the boring old teas. Personally I can’t wait to try all there different ranges.


So in this series I thought one of the best places to start off with is down time, you know when you’re not at work and you  don’t have any other commitments how do you spend your time. Well, the simple truth for me is I have zero issue being on my own. I came to terms with loving my own company when I was little and if anything that understanding of my need to recharge on my own is stronger now than ever.

As an Introvert I want to ensure you I really love people, I enjoy spending time connecting with people whether at work or socially. Whenever I read about Introverts the most common myth I read is that we basically hate people – totally wrong, well I can only talk for myself and for me that is wrong. 

Where my introvert tendencies come out is that I NEED to recharge, I HAVE to recharge my own batteries and the best way I have found to do that is spend time reconnecting with myself. I guess this must sound super indulgent to someone who doesn’t necessarily get Introverts but I trust you it’s not. My uncharged = moody, grumpy, unhelpful, demonstrative and just no fun to be around. 

The most simple joy I can give myself is to have every once in a while a weekend with zero plans – oh my days that’s me in my happy place. Not having to be somewhere at any given time, changing my own plans at a moments notice = the perfect weekend. Sometimes in all honesty that isn’t an option so for me the quickest way to recharge especially during the winter is to go see a movie (yes alone, I love doing that, I also love going with others too), or hunkering down with a good box set is another way for me to just recharge my batteries, painting, pottery, taking photos, going for a walk oh and the absolute joy of getting lost in a great book. All or any of these gets me back to my centre. 

This series is more for me to explain my introvert tendencies more than anything and I can and only speak for myself and what works for me, how I feel, things I do that helps and moments that make me feel not so great. I sure would love to hear from fellow Introverts and Extroverts cause as you will see I can be when needed super interchangeable too.


The satisfaction I get finishing off products is brilliant. I know that might sound weird but it is oddly fulfilling to finish off a product and over winter there has been a lot of empties. So shall we dive in and get started?

It takes a fair while to go through product being a beauty and lifestyle blogger I buy and use a lot of products hence the satisfaction when you can actually finish off a product so here is what I’ve finished off this winter.

So from left to right:

Toni and Guy Heat Protection Mist – I am not fussy with my heat protection sprays to be honest other than I will always use one and this one was fine. Repurchase: possibly if on offer.

Schwarzkopf Got2b Fat-tastic Instant Collegen Infusion Thickening Plumping Mousse – God this has the longest title ever. This is my second bottle of this absolutely brilliant thickening mousse. Repurchase: Already have – love this.

Febreze Sleep Serenity Bedroom Mist – I love this bedroom spray. I have had one ever since I came across it. I just find it helps me to drift off to sleep. Repurchase: Yes.

Antipodes Vanilla Pod Hydrating Day Cream – I heard so much hype about Antipodes and their day and night cream and treated myself to them and well. They were fine but didn’t really like the smell of them and most certainly didn’t do anything more or less than any other face cream’s I have used. Repurchase: No.

Living Proof Amp Instant Texture Volumizer – I love this stuff, this along with the got2be mousse and well my hair is in hair heaven. Repurchase: Yes already have.

Antipodes Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream – Same as the Antipodes Face Cream, wasn’t keen on the fragrance and didn’t see anything to write home about. Repurchase: No.

Norwegian Formula Deep Moisture Oil-in-lotion – I really liked this, I fancied a change from my faithful Aveeno and this was really not bad at all. Repurchase: Yes I think I would.

Sephora Ultimate Warming Cleanser – I fell hard for this cleanser when my mum provided me with a sample and then was kind enough to get me the full size. I love how this feels its like hot honey on your skin and does what its intended to do and cleans your skin. Repurchase: Yes already have.

Wella Luxe Oil – I love the smell of this hair oil and have repurchased it several times. I just really think it works. Repurchase: No I haven’t as I am using another at the moment but will repurchase it again.

NARS Pro-Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base – I really think this is one product that totally lives up to its hype. It is really annoying that you can’t tell how much you have left and the style of tube means it get super dirty but other than that god it’s good and you can totally rely on it for keeping your eyeshadow in place. Repurchase: Yes, definitely and already have.

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water – I was given this as a gift back in summer time and I had heard again in the blogging world how good this was I was so glad to finally get to try it and I really enjoyed this primer. However, as primers go it was fine no better or worse but nice for use in the hot summer months. Repurchase: No not at this moment.

Garnier Ultra-Lift 2-in-1 Wrinkle Reducer – Again another gift and it had lasted me for what seems like forever. I really enjoyed using this at night-time under night cream. Did I notice any difference no not really but it never did anything negative either. I don’t believe you can get this in the UK so have repurchased a similar one. Repurchase: No as I can’t get it in the UK.

Charles Worthington Style-Setter Brush Out Strong Hold Hairspray – I love this and get so annoyed when brands discontinue something you love – why? Why I ask you? If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Repurchase: I wish I could but alas no.

Living Proof Prime Style Extender – I fell hard for Living Proof Products as you will have seen all last year and they featured in my 2016 Favourites you can read the post here. I couldn’t honestly tell you how or why this works but it totally does. Repurchase: Yes but the spray version.

Garnier Ultimate Blends Heat Protection Milk – So another heat protection spray as I mentioned before I am not really loyal to any particular brand. I just want the protection but I will say this one smelled really lovely and I enjoyed using it. Repurchase: Yes if on offer I will.

So that’s if for my winter empties, a lot of great and ok products used up. And ohh so satisfying to have done so.



During January which was a long month I started a nice tradition of going at the weekends for lovely walks in nature to places out and around Edinburgh. I am the first to say I am having a life long love affair with Scotland and wanted to explore around and about Edinburgh and well from the photo above I think you will agree I am super lucky to have access to this beautiful sites just a short drive from the city centre.

We used to go for a Sunday walk when I was young with my family and well to be frank I totally forgot how amazing it was to get fresh air in your lungs and to just enjoy beauty around you. I would thoroughly recommend you get out and about and explore what is near to you.