January Loves


So here we are a new year and new loves. Let’s do this peeps!

Bath and Body Works Jingle All The Way Body Lotion – this was part of a lovely christmas present from my bestie. I am a long time lover of BBW and this body lotion smells amazing with Iced Clementine and Blue Spruce. It is thick enough to make dry skin a thing of the past. I will use till its finished. Keeping the christmas vibe alive:-)

MAC Lip Liner in Soar – who doesn’t love this either on its own or with a lipstick. It is perfection.

Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray – I have wanted to try this forever and for the christmas/new year party season it paid for itself so many times over. I don’t think I will be without this going forward.

Urban Decay De-Slick Mattifying Powder – was purchased back in Nov/Dec and its been my go to product. It just does what it says on the tin.

Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation – I mentioned this in a post earlier this week. I am so in love with this foundation. It’s a firm fav even at this early point in the year for favourite foundation!

Kenzo Amour parfume – Oh my this was a lovely boots points treat to myself as I had run out of this fragrance and it’s not so often as I have so many perfumes that I will repurchase but this is a definite yes. I adore this fragrance it to me is just so sensual. 

“Not all those who wonder are lost” pendent – I just adore this saying and knew for this year I really wanted a pendent with those words. I got my from Esty.

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer (Oil Free) – I had heard so much about this and finally got my paws on this in late December. I really think it works wonders for my oily skin so I am very happy with this purchase.

Maybelline Eraser Eye in Light – This one has almost had its day but don’t you worry I just this weekend bought me another one. I really love this and haven’t been using anything else under my eyes for the best part of a year now.

Urban Decay Naked Lipgloss in Nooner – I really love this lip gloss, it’s been a while since I have bought a new lip gloss but really wanted to try the UD Naked ones. I do very much love this one. 

Well guys and gals, that’s it for the month! I hope you’ll continue to enjoy my posts this 2016. Be sure to get in touch as I do love hearing from you.

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Latest Purchases


In the past month or two I seem to have become obsessed with foundation and finding the perfect one. As you can see I have three here to share with you.

Estée Lauder Double Wear in Sand – I have had a few bottles of this go to foundation. Its cheaper dupe is Revlon Colourstay but when I want a flawless long wear look I will always reach for this brilliant performing foundation during the winter months. It never disappoints.

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation in 6.5 – I won’t lie this was purchased in a random moment of madness. I had heard a lot about this foundation but had no intention of buying it but all of a sudden I did. It’s not bad but the colour match means this one will come into its own in the summer months when I am tanned at the moment its a little too dark to get away with in the winter months.

Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation with SPF25 in No 25 – I got a sample of this that I feel deeply in love with when using. Then just waited for the count down when this was released. Thankfully the day of release I was in the airport and managed to get this with discount. I have used it every single day and whilst we are just into 2016 this is a firm contender in my mind for best foundation of the year. I was worried as everyone kept saying that it would go so well with oily skins. I haven’t found that to be the case and wear it with a primer and it lasts pretty well all day for me with a powder touch up. Other than double wear every foundation I use needs a powder touch up so this doesn’t bother me in the slightest. I would say its like my skin but better. I adore this foundation. Only downside I could find that whilst it comes with a pump I can’t lock it so would have to decant to a smaller pot for travel which is   a bit annoying considering the cost.


Benefit They’re Real Push-Up Liner – This was a lovely christmas present from my mama. I wasn’t too sure but once I got the hang of this for a dramatic cat eye look I would be hard pushed to find a better eyeliner. It is brilliant and has safely secured its place in my makeup bag. Makes me want to try the mascara.

Anastasia DIPBROW Pomade in Medium Brown – So whilst my favourite mac brow colour is still going super strong its dark and so I wanted to see if I could find a brown that wasn’t as dark. This ones seems to be doing the job I am super happy with this purchase.

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Winter Empties


It feels like forever ago I posted an empties post but as you will know it can take a while to totally finish up products but when you do it is completely satisfying:-)

So from left to right here we go:

Revlon Colorstay Combination/Oily in 180 Sand Beige – I bought this last year and only really wear it in the autumn/winter months. I love this foundation as it completely performs and lasts. Brilliant for those long days when the last thing you want to worry about is that your make up has melted off your face.

Repurchased – yes of course!

Ultrasun Face SPF 30 – I bought this on Amazon and really liked it. The only downside is you can’t tell when it’s almost used up. It’s a handy size and didn’t leave my face greasy.

Repurchase – I haven’t as I have another one I am using but yes I would in future.

Argan Oil Heat Defence Leave in Spray – I have finished this off as I normally buy a couple at a time. I do love the fragrance but can’t honestly see any difference with the heat protection element.

Repurchase – Yes I probably will but using another at the moment.

Palmers Cocoa Butter Rapid Moisture Spray Lotion – This was finally finished up in mid autumn and I had as you’ll may remember from blog posts purchased a few over summer. Whats to say I love this product.

Repurchase – I will most definitely after winter transfer to this lighter moisturiser I so hope they do a travel size.

Charles Worthington Salon Home Brush Out Hairspray – I can’t even count how many of these I have. I just thing they give brilliant hold and as the name says it brushes out easily at the end of the night with no residue left. Plus they do travel sizes.

Repurchase – Of course, many times over:-)

Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Base Coat – This actually isn’t technically finished but its gone so gloppy that I can’t use it anymore. It was great when it was normal constancy. 

Repurchase – mmmhhhh maybe, not keen on how quickly it got gloppy. Might need to find another base coat – any recommendations folks?

V05 Heat Protect Styling Spray – I have used this before and kind of have 3 products in rotation this one the Argan one and Tresemme one and they tend to be my go to ones. 

Repurchase – Probably in all honesty.

And finally…….

Xen-Tan Dark Lotion – Oh my if you’re a regular around here you will know I am never without this fake tan and its been the case for the past couple of years. I just adore the colour and how long it lasts.

Repurchase – come on you know I already have:-)

So now I have that wonderful sensation of finally getting rid of all these empties – oh the space I will have!!! 

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Chasing the Northern Lights

IMG_3197 They say that second time is a charm (well I am not actually if they do say that) however, I have taken to that as I really really really want to be able to see with my own eyes the Northern Lights. You might remember about two years ago I headed off to Iceland with great hopes in seeing the Northern Lights but it was a deeply disappointing trip. The weather was foggy and awful from the minute I landed to the minute I left. To add insult to injury I was informed that folks the night before we arrived had seen them and the night we arrived home the lights had also come out to play. It took a long time for me to get over the disappointment.

In my mind whilst even still in Iceland I knew I would want to try again and there a seed was planted that it might mean going further north to hunt down these magical lights.

So very soon indeed I will once more pack a large suitcase full of winter wools, my camera and particularly everything else I can and head off to the magical world of Northern Norway, Tromso to be exact and once again keep my fingers and toes crossed that this time will be THE time I see the Northern Lights.

This is for me such a special bucket list thing to do and the excitement is building up although I may add I am a little worried about the current -20c temps but I am sure I will be fine.

I have already booked a couple of expeditions and whilst my time there is short I fully intend to make every single minute count. What this space as I will post when I am back all my adventures.

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Six Things


One  Really loving and embracing what 2016 has to offer. I normally am not overly into January but this Jan has started off so lovely and with two trips to have its all so exciting.

Two  Star Wars I was brought up with Star Wars the original 3 and loved them. I cannot say the same for the next 3 so I was quite worried that the new one would be a bit of a damp squid but thank god it wasn’t. It was everything I didn’t even know I wanted it to be and had a kick as female hero – yes please!

Three  Finally getting some snow. I hunger for snow at this time of the year. Well to be honest for the week of Christmas so since there has been little to zero around these parts I did get to see my first snow in the Brecon Beacons this past weekend. And even more exciting will be when I head to Northern Norway to a world of white – I am beyond excited for this to happen.

Four  2016 is the year of music, great music from oldies to discovering new beats but whatever the tunes they are needing to be loud.

Five  Going to the movies, y’all know how much I love the movies and there is no better time than Jan/Feb when all the big hitters come out. So far I have seen Joy and The Danish Girl both good but I am holding see Leonardo DiCaprio’s newest film which hopefully gets him his Oscar.

Six  Taking control. This year I have set myself some personal goals that instead of being super scared about are actually making me feel incredibly empowered – Go Big or Go Home!

*Not sure where to credit the photo but isn’t it lovely

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