Yoga Girl Love


OK let’s start at the beginning shall well? I have never done Yoga, I have tried a couple of times but have been left feeling nothing. So why then did I purchase this book by the Instagram sensation Rachel Brathen AKA Yoga Girl??? I really don’t have a great answer to this other than I was/am in the right place and right time. 


I have been following Rachel for sometime on Instagram and like all of her other followers I guess was in love with pictures she posted like the one above. I mean who wouldn’t dream of having that flexibility in that locations.

So the book arrived and I sat down with a cuppa not expecting much. No reflection on her just that I have tried so often to get into yoga and nothing!! This book was/is the exception. I love the way Rachel opens up about a background that might well be deemed so far away from what you would expect a yogi to hail from. Before I knew it I was 3/4 of the way through the book by the time I had finished my cuppa.

What really sold it for me and spoke to me you could say was her constant reminder to ‘start where you are’ and ‘your body is perfect the way it is’. OK you’ve sold me no kookie ness here just a real passion for the message she is trying to relay and I am all aboard. So if you’ll excuse me I know have to go and work on my yoga sequences:-)

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August Loves


August loves this month have been really tried and tested on travels and have all come out gathering standing ovations from me. So if you have a cuppa and a comfy seat shall we dive right in?

From left to right:

Living Proof Full Travel Range – Shampoo, Conditioner, Thickening Mousse and Root Lifting Hairspray. I have wanted to try this shampoo and conditioner range for ages and finally thought when I was heading off to France/Switzerland what a better time to try the travel size. I really like this range but didn’t find it provided any more lift than my current favourite Macadamia combo I am using but loved the travel sizes. These will definitely stay in my wash bag for future uses and like all the lovely products I have in this range it’s such a lovely fresh smell.

L’ORÉAL Nude Magique BB Cream in Light – I just keep falling in love with this product more and more. It is so brilliant. Gives a lovely summer coverage and makes your skin look brilliant and lasts too. I mean what isn’t to love. If you haven’t tried this folks please consider it it’s so brilliant. The perfect summer lightweight coverage.

NARS Pro-Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base – I know this took me like an age to get on onboard with but now that I have it is proper love. I took to using this alone on my holidays with the Clinique Mascara and no eyeliner and loved the fresh eye look it gave. Plus it meant it was minimal fuss and made me ready to go in a blink of an eye!

Bath & Body Works My Favourite Night Balm – This little guy has been a regular on my favourites scene since my dear friend introduced me to it last Christmas. It is seriously the best nighttime lip balm but works for anytime of the day and makes me wake up with super smooth kissers:-)

Maybelline Master Sculpt in 02 Medium/Dark – This palette is really having a moment with me. I have been using it all summer since I first purchased it in July. It came with me to Greece and most recently to France. I don’t contour everyday but on the days I did this stayed in place and was nothing short of brilliant!

Clinique Chubby Lash Fattening Mascara in 06 Bodacious Black Honey – I do love the Black Honey range by Clinique and if you wonder around here enough you know I am a regular user of the MaxFactor coloured mascara that I am now struggling to get my paws on. So when I saw this colour coming out it was just a case of how do I get my hands on this?? Its love at first use and was regularly used on holiday. 

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle – I only bought this this year in fact back in March and its fast becoming a favourite and earning its place on my perfume rotation. It’s such a fresh fragrance and one that gets me compliments overtime I wear it. This was decanted into the travel sprays on my holidays.

Other favourites this month have included: Festival madness in Edinburgh, reading a Debbie Macomber book in just 5 days – I do love a book that grabs you, rejoining Netflix as there is nothing on normal tv and getting stuck into House of Cards Season 3, all things Nina Simone and Frank Sinatra.

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Summer shoes


There are many many things I adore about summer one of those things is when your tootsies get to come out and your wear sandals and feel the fresh air on your feet – I love that. 

Forever and a day I have wanted to get my paws of a pair of Birkenstocks the sandals that you either love or hate. I love them so when I found them on sale a got me a white pair!


Then I found a pair in black also on sale so I had to get them too!



I can’t decide between the white and black so I just have them on rotation! They do need to be broken in though so I have been wearing them each weekend but I think its like wearing slippers outside so clearly I am gonna love them. I always go comfort over style!

Then I got me another pair of my most favourite shoes ever Sketchers Go Walk 2. This will be my 3rd pair of this style of shoes and they take comfort to another level!!!


Of course I was going to get them in a blue colour – like that was ever going to be in dispute:-)


I have pretty much decided that all of these will come with my on my French adventures!

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Candles & Books


Two of my favourite things ever candles and books! So my lovely Papa surprised me with buying me the much talked about book by Harper Lee Go Set a Watchman the book that is meant to be the follow-up to the massively successful To Kill A Mockingbird. I have started to read this one and can’t remember when I last had a hardback but really quite love reading a hardback book. So when I am reading lately these three candles are the ones that have been on heavy rotation.


From top to bottom:

Time & Tide – Wild Fig & Grape, this candle is gorgeous and was bought from one of my favourite shops that I first discovered on a visit to North Berwick called Time & Tide. This is a beautiful burning candle with no smoke, and burns clearly. 

Diedododa – Anna Banana Soy Candle, this was bought at an Edinburgh market and it was love at first sniff. The smell of this candle reminds me of the spongy banana sweets you used to get when you were young. Another clean burning candle – you can see a pattern can’t you!

Isle of Skye Candle Company – Vanilla & Fig, I adore these candles and first came across them in – Isle of Skye. This is a wonderful smelling candle. I also have the sleep candle too. I think these sizes make for wonderful gifts.

I must admit I do love smaller candles as I chop and change what I want to burn although I think these three will get completely finished in due course.

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Currently this month…..


Currently this month…..

I have been:

Wanting: for a cat so bad, like really badly. I miss Poppy so much but understand the commitment to having a cat in your life so need to once again properly weigh up taking on that commitment again. So for the time being bear with me as my twitter and instagram is getting flooded with cute animal photos as a baby way of me getting through this.

Looking forward to: discovering a new part of France. All my life I have visited each summer the South of France as part of our family holiday. I know it and love it so much. However, this month I have been invited by my dear friend to go explore a different but equally beautiful part of France. Keep your eyes peeled for photos.

Learning to: take star trails photos. It’s so much easier to do this when you have a professional by your side in the beautiful Tuscany landscapes. However, I have got everything and all the info printed off so nothing left but to try, try and try again. Wish me luck!

Listening to: Nina Revisited:A tribute to Nina Simone OMG this album since I got back from Corfu has been my go to album both in CD form and listening on Spotify. I adore Lauryn Hill so as soon as I heard this album was coming out I knew I had to add it to my collection of Nina albums. It is a collection of fabulous singers such as Usher, Lauryn, Mary.J.Blige and Nina’s daughter Lisa Simone putting their own take onto some of the best Nina songs. The hands down most haunting take is from the deeply talented Alice Smith who puts her unbelievable stamp on the brilliant ‘I Put a Spell on You’ folks I dare you not to have shivers down your spine when you listen to her.

Thinking about: the soon arrival of one of my favourite seasons ‘fall’. I do love me fall/autumn.

Starting again: with my swimming and cycling and trying to get to the point where they are super regular occurrences in my daily routines.

Making: Omelettes with my fab new omelette maker. Why would I need that you might ask? Well, cause every time I tried to make an omelette it turns out as scrambled eggs. Now I make perfect omelettes with minimal effort – win win!

Reading:Rachel Brathen Yoga Girl’s book. I follow Yoga Girl on Instagram and am often awed by her amazing yoga poses and on a whim ordered her book. Now to be clear I don’t do Yoga but want to start. I feel my body might be as flexible as a 90 year olds and so have this strange yearning for trying yoga. So I got the book and with a cup of tea in my paw opened it an hour later I needed to finally put the book down – I am loving it! I will be putting a post up on this book soon.

Trying out: InstaTwist this is a hand-held gadget that makes twists in your hair. It’s a work in progress!

Photographing: Places, people and things throughout the festival in Edinburgh!

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